Linking Words for IELTS Speaking

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Linking Words for IELTS Speaking

Frequently Asked Questions

What are linking words?

They are words that are used to join two or more sentences. They are also called as connectors.

Are the linking words in speaking the same as that of writing?

No. For example, ‘Like’ is a linking word which can be used, only while speaking.

Do linking words boost your score in IELTS speaking?

No. They just help you to avoid fillers like “Umm”s and “Aah”s. In fact, you should not overuse them.

What is the right usage of linking words?

They must be used in such a way that they don’t attract attention.

What are some of the linking words for IELTS speaking pdf

To contrast – use ‘However‘ Example: I love Chennai. However, the weather is bad. To denote time – use ‘Right now‘ Example: I’m in a meeting right now. To explain: use ‘I guess it’s because’ Example: I guess it’s because of the weather.

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