Linking Words for IELTS Speaking

linking words ielts speaking

The linking words in speaking actually tell about how well you know about the given topic and also helps the examiner to give the score according to the fluency of your language that is used. The linking words make the way you talk more professionally and make the examiner know that you have more knowledge about the topic given.

Those who have the habit of speaking English frequently, the linking words come naturally while speaking. You have to make sure that the linking words are not overused. Although they can be repeated, unlike writing. The usage of linking words in writing is different from speaking.

Below are some of the linking words that can be used for IELTS Speaking.

Adding more Information

When you have to add more information to the sentence, you can use the following linking words:

  • Another reason is
  • Also
  • And
  • As well as

Time Phrases

When you want to describe a time in the sentence, then you can use the following linking words:

  • At the moment
  • Right now
  • At present
  • Now
  • These days
  • Nowadays
  • Before
  • In the past
  • Years ago
  • At that time
  • Before
  • Then

Causes and Solutions

When you have to tell the causes and solutions of the particular topic given, you can use the following linking words:

  • Because
  • I guess it is because of
  • I suppose the best way to deal with this problem is
  • The main reason is
  • It was caused by
  • The best way to solve this is

Expressing ideas

When you have to express ideas for the topic given, you can use the following linking words:

  • I think one important thing is
  • I think the main difference is
  • I guess one difference is

Giving examples

When you have to give examples for the topic given, you can use the following linking words:

  • For instance
  • Like
  • For example
  • Such as

Being clear

When you have to clearly state a sentence that has to explain, you can use the following linking words:

  • What I want to say is
  • As I was saying
  • What I mean is


When you have to explain also the other side of the topic, you can use the following linking words:

  • But
  • While
  • On the other hand
  • Although
  • Or

For stating an opinion

While giving your opinion about the topic, you can use the following linking words:

  • As far as I am concerned
  • In my opinion
  • I believe that
  • From my point of view

To express agreement

To express that you agree with the topic that is given, you can use the following linking words:

  • I am in an agreement
  • I quiet agree that
  • I quietly agree with the opinion that
  • I accept that
  • Exactly

Importance of Linking Words

Using linking words while speaking is important because the language automatically becomes fluent and also the examiner will know that you have some idea about the topic. Below stated are some of the importance of linking words:

  • The linking words or the connecters help the test takers to structure the sentences that they are going to speak about the given topic
  • The linking words also help the test takers to add some words to the sentence so that you can go on speaking until the examiner asks you to stop and also the linking words give you the ideas that you can add while framing the sentence.
  • The linking words can be mainly used when you have to highlight something in whatever you are speaking. Especially you can use the linking words in the introduction party as well as the conclusion part.
  • The linking words also give a proper meaning to the sentence, which you have written in the paragraph. By using linking words you can also phrase an example if the sentence given is not understandable.
  • The purpose, as well as the opinion of the sentence that is spoken, can be explained using the linking words.
  • The main importance of linking words is that it is the part of the marking criteria if you are able to use the linking words exactly in the sentence, then you can get 25% of your marks straight.

Tips for using the linking words

There are few tips that can be kept in mind while using the linking words, during a topic is given. Some of them are as follows:

  • Linking words cannot be used everywhere. When the examiner asks you to tell about yourself it is advisable not to use linking words.
  • In speaking it is to repeat the linking words because the usage of linking words in the speaking test is completely different from the usage of linking words in the writing test.
  • The linking word ‘Like’ can be used while giving examples, only during the speaking. It is advisable not to use the linking word ‘Like’ while writing.
  • You will not get a high score only on the basis of how many times you have used the linking words. But also there should be some content which impresses the examiner to give a high score.
  • The linking words must come naturally while speaking and it should not be used in a formal way.
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