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Even though we’re writing our IELTS exams, to get into universities or jobs, we don’t necessarily have to be formal during our speaking test. The IELTS speaking test mainly focuses on your English knowledge. The prime aim of the test is to assess your ability to communicate without any difficulties in a country in which English is the language of communication.

Thus, your tone can be informal and not academic or formal. Please remember that during your IELTS test, you’re having a conversation with someone, so you’ve got to sound normal and relaxed for you to ace the test.

Here is an example illustrating what you should and shouldn’t do in a conversation:


Do you think TV will be replaced by computers?

Yes, I think it will. Lately, the internet has replaced televisions in our households. For example, everything from films and TV series to music is available on the internet, some of which are free of charge. Nowadays, young people have their smartphones and thus no longer feel the need to watch TV. Additionally, we are not allowed to make choices when you watch something on the Television, as in, you only watch what’s broadcasted on the television. However, on the internet, you get to make your own choices and choose the movie or series that you want to watch.


Do you think TV will be replaced by computers?

Yes, it’s very likely. I can see that coming really. The Internet has been a much better option in recent times; everything from films and TV series to music is available on the internet, some of which are free of charge. Young people, with their smartphones in hand, no longer feel the need to watch TV. Also, we don’t get to choose what we want to watch in the TV, we’re only allowed to watch what’s on at that time but on the internet, we get to choose the movie or series that we want to watch according to our mood. I would probably call it the “natural” selection of technology.

Did you notice the difference between both the answers? Which of these answers seemed like a more natural free flowing conversation?

Yes, the second answer. If you look at the words used in the first answer, you would be able to realise that you don’t use these words commonly in a conversation. You would rather use it to write a formal essay or letter.

In the second answer, there are no words that make it seem formal, strained or practised. Instead, the answer seems like a normal everyday conversation.

IELTS Speaking test evaluates your ability to make normal conversations with people, so do not be afraid of speaking to your examiner just the way you would to a friend or colleague. You may even practice for your test by conversing with a friend.

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