IELTS Speaking Practice Tests 2023

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IELTS Speaking Practice Tests 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

How to practice for the speaking test on my own?

Record while you speak. After speaking, do a self evaluation based on : ->Fluency ->Lexical Resource ->Grammatical range ->Pronunciation Find out the pain areas and work on them, so that the mistakes are not repeated next time.

How to find a speaking partner in facebook for practice?

After verifying the authenticity of the facebook group, post the following on the group : ->Your IELTS test date ->The time at which you are available for practice ->Your IELTS test level ->Any other preference if you have . From the options you get, choose the appropriate speaking partner.

What are the things to be borne in mind when practicing with an IELTS expert?

-> Verify that the person has been an IELTS examiner or an IELTS teacher previously or currently working as the same. ->He/she should have the testimonials from the students who have already taken IELTS coaching from him/her. -> Enquire about their experience

What are the benefits of practicing through an IELTS expert?

If you take the coaching from an expert you will get to know on which aspect of your speaking needs homework.

Will the speaking test be held along with Listening, Reading and Writing tests?

The IELTS Reading test, IELTS Writing test, and IELTS Listening test will be held on the same day and the IELTS speaking test will be held one week before or after the three tests.

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