A time when you helped someone: IELTS Speaking Practice Test 25

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A time when you helped someone: IELTS Speaking Practice Test 25

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it boost the scores in Speaking test, if I use reductions like “kinda”?

Definitely, yes. IELTS speaking is completely informal and using reductions like “kinda” instead “kind of” will boost your scores. But make sure you pronounce it, just right.

What are the question topics in part 3 of the Speaking test?

There are no separate topic list for part 3. It will be based on your part 2.

How do I answer this question: “What are some examples of charitable organisations in your country”?

Sample answer: It depends on what country you are from. In India, Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta is a classic example. The Rotary clubs also contribute to this cause.

How do I answer this question: “How can we encourage children to help others”?

Sample answer: Example is better than precepts. We can help others and set an example for our children. They will start imitating us.

How do I answer this question: “Do people trust others as much as they used to in the past“?

Sample answer: No. They don’t. Life was simple in the olden days and people were honest. Nowadays, people lack values which reduces the trust factor.

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