IELTS Speaking Cue Card Topics with Samples Answers (2023)

IELTS Speaking Cue Card Topics with Samples Answers (2023)
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“IELTS cue card topics and samples that appeared in the actual IELTS test with answers. You are given exactly 1 minute in the IELTS speaking test to prepare for a particular topic.“

Frequently Asked Questions

How many points will a cue card have?

A cue-card usually has one question and three prompts.

How do I answer a cue card?

You make sure you answer all the prompts in the cue card and make sure you talk for about 2 minutes and not less than that.

How do I change a cue card question?

Unfortunately, you cannot change a cue-card question.

Do I get to use ‘umms’ and ‘aahs’?

No, using umms and aahs will lower your band score. Make sure you use fillers.

Does the examiner know what is in my cue card?

Yes, you are required to show the examiner the cue card you get.

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