IELTS Cue Card Sample 105 Topic: A situation made you angry


IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topic:

Describe a situation that you got a little angry.

You should say:

  • where it happened
  • when it happened
  • who you were with
  • and why you felt angry?

Model Answer Band 8.0 from IELTS learner on 

To be honest, I am a kind of good-tempered person. Usually, it’s hard for me to lose my temper. The most common reason for my anger is due to my hectic working schedule. I still remember that day when I had to take an airplane to meet an important client of our company, and the fact that I missed that plan made me nearly go mad.

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Some weeks ago, I had to go on a business trip to X by airplane. The night before, I was so busy preparing that I was totally exhausted. As a consequence, I was deadly tired that I forgot to set my alarm clock, hence, it didn’t go off. By the time I woke up, I realized that it was just 2 hours before departure time. I was in a hurry to get to the airport in time. Unfortunately, on the way to get there, my car got stuck in a traffic congestion. I was told that there was a serious crash between 2 cars, thus, the police had to stop traffic flow to look into the accident.  I had no choice but to join a queue of cars and call my client to cancel the meeting, but they wanted the meeting to go ahead as planned. At that time, I felt frustrated and powerless because I couldn’t do anything to change the situation. I could imagine the anger of my boss when he received that terrible news, which made me feel really stressed out. However, I finally managed to get out of that traffic jam, and be able to take the next flight after missing the first flight. I was late for the meeting but there was enough time for me to present a new project I had prepared and the client seemed to be quite satisfied with it. 

Well, it was such an awful experience to me, but at the end of the day, I still made it. However, I really hope that I don’t have to cope with the similar situation down the road.

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  • lose one’s temper: get angry.

Ex:  It’s often hard to make me lose my temper

  • go off: ring (for alarm clock)

Ex: Every morning, my alarm clock is set to go off at 6 a.m

  • look into: investigate

Ex: I wrote a letter of complaint, and the airline have promised to look into the matter.

  • go ahead: proceed or be carried out

Ex: The party went ahead as planned.

  • at the end of the day: ultimately; after all

Ex: t’s a generous offer, but at the end of the day, I have to choose the job that will be most beneficial for my family.

  • down the road: in the future

Ex: I was asked to gather statistical data that could be useful down the road.

  • make it: to achieve one’s goals | to arrive at a place or go to an event

Ex: She made it to the airport just in time to catch her plane.


IELTS Examiner’s Comment:

Overall, the answer is on the point, grammatically corrected with a good usage of vocabulary. Should be around Band 8.0.

  • manage to link and organise her ideas well (It was such an awful experience to me, but at the end of the day, I still made it. However, I really hope that I don’t have to cope with the similar situation down the road.).
  • use good discourse markers (well; to be honest) and basic linking words (connectives) (however; but; when)
  • have a good, accurate use of vocabulary (lose temper, go off; go ahead, make it, at the end of the day, etc)
  • Manage to say enough about all the topics easy to follow
  • Use good and accurate complex structures, but there are still minor errors.


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