How to Express your mixed Feelings in IELTS Writing & Speaking ?

How to express your mixed feelings in IELTS Writing & Speaking
How to express your mixed feelings in IELTS Writing & Speaking

Some of us feel it easy to express how we feel or the way we think. However, every now and then we become unsure of our feelings and opinions. This post looks at the words and phrases that we can use to express the fact we are uncertain, either about the way we feel or the way we think so that we can make use of them in IELTS Speaking and writing to boost your IELTS score to band 7.0+

1. Mixed Feelings/Emotions

When somebody feels both pleased and not pleased about something at the same time, we can say that they have mixed feelings about it.

Example: I have mixed feelings about studying abroad – in some ways nervous, but also quite excited.


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2. Ambivalent/Have Ambivalent feelings towards something

If you have two opposing feelings at the same time and feel uncertain about what you think, you have ambivalent feelings towards it.


  • I felt ambivalent about studying abroad
  • She has fairly ambivalent feelings towards her studying abroad.

3. Conflicted

An even stronger and slightly formal phrase to show that you are uncertain and have mixed feelings about something.

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Example: I still feel conflicted about my decision to moving to New Zealand, pleased that I made it but also regretful.

4. Blow hot and cold

This is  a great idiom to show that you are confused about how you feel, sometimes you like someone/something, sometimes not

Example: I’m blowing hot and cold about travelling alone to Australia.

5. Make of someone/something

We can use this phrasal verb to express that we don’t properly understand someone or something.  In other words, when you can’t make of someone/something, you find it hard to have an impression/opinion/understanding about someone/something.

Example: I don’t really make of her, my new colleague, although we have been working in a team for a couple of weeks.

6. Make somebody out

Make somebody out has the same meaning as make of someone. It means that you can’t understand someone properly.

Example: I can’t completely make him out even though we have gone through a lot of obstacles together.

7. Torn

When somebody can’t reach a decision about something and this makes them feel confused and unhappy, we can say that they are torn.

Example :

  • I can’t make up my mind whether I should move to Australia or New Zealand. I am torn.
  • I was torn between taking a gap year or approaching a tertiary education straight away after finishing high school.

8. (UK) In two minds/(US) of two minds

If you are in/of two minds about doing something, you cannot decide whether to do it

Example: I’m in two minds about whether to support the new policy of smoking ban in public places.

What in your life do you have mixed feelings or feel ambivalent about? Let’s share with us in the comment section below! 

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  • I have mixed feelings whether moving to UK or not…..
    I am torn between moving to UK or Chile.

    I hope this sentences are well….I really have mixed feelings about it. haha.

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