Useful Grammar Structures to Get an IELTS Band 7.0+

20 Grammar Structures for IELTS Writing
20 Grammar Structures for IELTS Writing

Useful Grammar Structures to Get an IELTS Band 7.0+ for IELTS Writing and IELTS Speaking

1.So + adjective + to be + Subject + that Clause
    So + adv + auxiliary verb + S + main verb + O + that clause
Ex: So terrible was the storm that a lot of houses were swept away.
       So beautifully did he play the guitar that all the audience appreciated him
2. Then comes/come + Subject, as + Clause
Ex: Then came a divorce, as they had a routine.
3. May + Subject + verb..
Ex: May I apologize at once for the misspelling of your surname in the letter from my assistant, Miss Dowdy
       May you all have happiness and luck 
4. It is no + Comparative Adjective + than + V-ing
Ex: For me it is no more difficult than saying “I love you”. 
5. Subject + Verb + far more +….than + N
Ex: The material world greatly influences far more young people than old people. 
6. Subject + love/like/wish + nothing more than to be + adj/past participle
Ex: We wish nothing more than to be equally respected 
7. Subject 1 + is/are just like + Subject 2 +was/were..
8. Subject 1 + is/are + the same + as + Subject 2 + was/were
Ex: My daughter is just like her mother was 35 years ago when she was my classmate at Harvard University  
She is the same as she was 
9. It is (not always) thought + adj + Noun phrase
Ex: It is not always thought essential that Miss world must have the great appearance 
10. As + Verb Participle /can be seen, Subject + Verb…
Ex: As spoken above, we are short of capital  
       As can be seen, a new school is going to be built on this site. 
11. S + point(s)/ pointed out (to sb) + that Clause
Ex: She point out that he was wrong 
12. It is/was evident to someone + that Clause
Ex: It was evident to them that someone gave him a hand to finish it.
13. What + Subject + Verb + is/was + (that) + Subject + Verb +….
Ex: What was said was (that) she had to leave  
What I want you to do is that you take more care of yourself
14. Noun + Is + what + sth + is all about
Ex: Entertainment is what football is all about 
15. Subject + to be (just) + what Subject + Verb…
Ex: It was just what I wanted
       You are what God brings into my life 
16. Verb-ing +sth + tobe + Adjective – if not impossible
Ex: Travelling alone into a jungle is adventurous – if not impossible 
17. There + to be + no + Noun + nor + Noun
Ex: There is no food nor water 
18. There isn’t/wasn’t time to Verb / to be + Adjective
Ex: there wasn’t time to identify what is was 
19. Subject + may + put on a + Adjective + front but inside + Subject + Adjective
Ex: You may put on a brave front but inside you are fearful and anxious 
20. Subject + see oneself + V-ing…
Ex: You can see yourself riding a cable-car in San Francisco 
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