Describe A Big/Large Company you are interested in – IELTS Cue Card Sample 78

IELTS Cue Card Sample 78 - Topic: A Large Company

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topic:

Describe a large company that you know:

you should say

what kind of company it is

what the company does

why you are interested in it

and explain how you became interested in this company.


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Sample Answer

I’d like to talk about Zalora group, one of the leading companies  (1)specializing in selling clothes.

It is an (2)e-commerce company for online shopping purposes and provides (3) a wide variety of style as well as current (4) fashion trend for both men and women. The company has been through so many (5)ups and downs that there was a time when they were (5) on the edge of bankruptcy. At first, I didn’t care much about it, not until I (6) came across a(7) eye-catching dress when going shopping in the mega mall did I become interested in its products.  What amazed me is that the price is much cheaper than other brands so I can (8)get the best offer without (9)asking for a bargain. Normally it would take me 3 days for the (10) merchandise to be delivered but just only 2 days  I could receive it. Another thing is that the (11) refund policy of ZALORA is much better than Lazada which is its (12) competitor. Customers can return (13) unpleasing products within 10 days and get a brand new one with a similar price so that’s the reason why ZALORA has great (14) customer base than any competitors. Lately, the company has (15) expanded its chain all over the place, therefore, customers no longer have to wait for delivered products and can enjoy great service from (16) physical stores.

Starting from (17) modest investment to a leading company that has (18) highly profitable and thousands of employees, ZALORA is an icon for lots of (19) start-ups and (20 ) youngsters  (21) running their own businesses.

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Useful Vocabulary & Expressions:

  1. Specialize in

Ex: My company specializes in selling products online

  1. e-commerce company

Ex:  ZALORA group is an e-commerce company  that sells every kind of clothes

  1. a wide variety of

Ex: Hanoi has a wide variety of tourist attractions

  1. fashion trend

Ex: jeans are the fashion trend of all the time

  1. ups and downs

Ex: he has been through so many ups and downs in life so he is more mature than his fellows

  1. come across

Ex: when I was travelling in India, I came across this lovely coffee shop

  1. eye-catching

Ex: this dress is so eye-catching that I can’t keep my eyes off it

  1. get the best offer/deal

Ex: you should go to ZALORA if you want to get the best offer

  1. ask for a bargain

Ex: you should ask for a bargain for whatever you buy in Vietnam or else you will be ripped off ( chặt chém giá)

  1. merchandise

Ex: there are plenty of merchandises I want to buy when going shopping

  1. refund policy

Ex: I never buy anything at a store that doesn’t have a refund policy

  1. Competitor

Ex: one of the things that companies face is their competitors

  1. Unpleasing product

Ex: unpleasing products should be returned within 15 days

  1. Customer base

Ex:  a healthy company is the one that has a large customer base

  1. Expand its chain

Ex: after working in the clothes industry for 5 years, the firm decided to expand its chain to Asian countries

  1. Physical store

Ex: I prefer going to a physical store to an online store

  1. Modest investment

Ex:  every company starting with modest investment may not work for a long time due to the lack of capital

  1. highly profitable

Ex: his company is doing really well as it has highly profitable

  1. start-up

Ex: there are more and more start-ups in the technology market

  1. Youngster= the young= young generation

Ex: youngsters are really active as many of them have become successful businessmen

  1. Run their own businesses

Ex: running a business has lots of pitfalls so you better consider it

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