Describe a Useful Website You Have Mostly Visited- IELTS Cue Card

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Describe a Useful Website You Have Mostly Visited- IELTS Cue Card
You should say:

  • What was the website?
  • How did you find the address of this website?
  • What the website contained?

Sample Answer

I use the internet quite often for almost everything, be it listening to mellifluous music or a story that rejuvenates you from the core, meditation videos, etc. Hence, I am not very specific about using the internet for a particular usage. However, being somebody who has an educational background in the medical domain, Biochemistry to be specific, I keep surfing the website of the World Health Organization. I keep getting back to that website quite recurrently to either get cognizance of the latest health trends or information about the drugs that made a breakthrough.

So, I knew about the WHO right from primary school since it’s an international organization. However, I didn’t really find the urge to look at the content it has on its website until the cataclysmic pandemic broke havoc on the world. I learned about the essence of this website and how it is being referred to by almost all the news bulletins and channels. Now, having done my education from an allied medical stream, I found it very relevant, essential and, at the same time, incredibly entrancing.

The website has almost everything about the health statuses of people, the reconnoitres that are carried out and many such things. Certain drugs and panpharmacon that have been immensely beneficial for humans and others that have been pernicious to us are discussed there. I am always interested in knowing about the pathogens that could be inimical to humans or a cause of our infirmity. Thus, this website lures me to get back every day.


  • Mellifluous

Meaning: melodious
Eg.: What a mellifluous song it is!

  • Rejuvenate

Meaning: energise
Eg.: This beverage rejuvenates everyone who takes a sip of it.

  • Cognizance

Meaning: the range of knowledge possible through observation
Eg.: Their cognizance of your true colours did not help them from getting duped.

  • Relevant

Meaning: relatable
Eg.: The context of the conversation seemed haywire and was barely relevant.

  • Immensely

Meaning: in a great amount
Eg.: I was immensely impressed by that troupe.