IELTS Cue Card Sample 87 Topic: A time you miss an appointment

Describe a time you miss an appointment

You should say:

  • When was it?
  • Why were you late?
  • How did you feel about it?

and say what happened as a result of being late.


Sample Band 8.0+

I can describe myself as a well-organized person. However. I sometimes get late to reach my destination due to several external and internal factors. One such event when I was late in an appointment with my investors was a frustrating experience to me.

Since I was just knee high to a grass hopper, I had a burning desire to set up my own business. Therefore, when I was a senior student, with a view to being given financial support to run my start-up, I had a pivotal date with numerous investors. I highly appreciated that appointment; therefore, I had worked against the clock and buried myself in a mountain of workload, even I must burn the midnight oil to complete my project which would be shown to investors. When the day came, I felt dead tired. You know, I had to make every effort to get up but it was still late 20 minutes when I left my home. Unfortunately, the road suffered from intensive traffic congestion, which is a common scenario in my city. I failed to use different kinds of transport from bus to taxi to escape this crowd. Finally, I reached the location 1 hour later than my scheduled time. Honestly speaking, while the investors showed their sense of anger, I experienced the feeling of panic and I just presented my project with half a heart.

Obviously, I was rejected and I felt extremely disappointed. That was a painful experience to me, and since then I’ ve tried my best not to be late for any appointments ever again.

Useful Vocabulary & Expressions

Well-organized (adj) having good organization; orderly and efficient

Knee high to a grass hopper (idiom) very small or very young

Set up (phrasal verb) start a business

With a view to doing something (phrase) with the hope of doing something in the future

Pivotal (adj) extremely important

Against the clock (phrase) trying very hard to finish something before a particular time

Burn the midnight oil (idiom) to work until very late at night

Dead tired (phrase) very tired

With half a heart (phrase) With only a little or moderate amount of enthusiasm or interest

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