Describe a piece of work you did quickly – IELTS Cue Card Sample 82

IELTS Cue Card Sample 82 - Topic: Describe a piece of work you did quickly

Describe a piece of work you did quickly.

You should say:
what work it was
why you did it quickly
how easy or difficult it was
and explain what the result was.

Sample Answer:

I would like to talk about a piece of work that I had to do quickly, which was the preparation for a two-minute talk in the IELTS Speaking test, the one that I am taking at the moment.

I just finished this preparation a few seconds ago. When the second part of the Speaking test began, I was given a topic which required me to describe something I had done quickly. Personally I think that was a really difficult topic, and it was even more challenging since I had only one minute to prepare for the talk. I had to think really fast. The first thing I needed to do was to choose a piece of work to talk about, and this was the hardest part. At first I thought about a university project that I had to finish in five days, but then I wasn’t sure whether five days is considered “quick” enough for this topic. And then an idea came to my mind. Why not talk about the very difficult work I was doing at that moment, which was to think of an appropriate topic? Then I quickly decided to choose it and made a plan for a talk about it. I had to do everything quickly because I was given only one minute for the preparation. So, I needed to think very fast and to write down all the ideas very quickly. In my opinion, preparing for a talk in just one minute is really challenging, and it’s partly because I had to think in English, which isn’t my first language. Luckily I managed to finish the preparation on time, and I finally had enough ideas to talk about this topic.

The result of this, um, I don’t know yet because I will have to wait 13 days to see the result of this Speaking test. However, I think I have already done everything I could, and let’s hope that I will get a satisfying result.

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