IELTS Cue Card Sample 07 – Topic: Exciting Sport cue card 07 for ielts speaking part 2 cue card 07 for ielts speaking part 2


Describe an exciting sport you know
You should say:
what sport it is
How you know about it
How difficult you think it is
and explain why you think it is exciting


Of all the different types of sports, I am interested in figure skating the most.

I first learned about figure skating when I watched an Olympic competition in 2012. I found this sport very interesting. I don’t think that figure skating is a sport for everybody since it requires great balancing skills. In addition, the person has to be very flexible and courageous when doing this sport.

Coming from a tropical country, I don’t get to 
experience ice and snow, thus, figure skating was new to me. Watching the athlete’s elegant performance on ice amazed me. I couldn’t imagine how people could do such things since just walking with ice skates is so difficult. These athletes danced on ice without even tripping. They must have spent a great deal of time practicing and preparing for their performances. Also, I found it very beautiful, as their costumes were so elegant. I even enjoyed the background music they used during the performances. In comparison to other sports, figure skating is an amazing feast for both the eyes and the ears.



to be interested in – to like or to enjoy. “She is interested in figure skating and he is interested in soccer.”

I found this sport to be very interesting – I thought this sport was very interesting. “He found the work to be too easy for him.”

It requires – something that needs to be done. In this sentence it means that figure skating can only be done by people who have good balance, and not everyone does.
It’s something necessary to have to do well at figure skating. “This job requires you to work 60 hours per week.”

Flexible – in this context it means that the person can do many things with his/her body, like putting your foot above your head while you are skating. “Yoga teachers are very flexible and can get themselves into all kinds of crazy positions.”

Courageous – brave. In this case you have to be brave to be a figure skater because itcan be dangerous. “The mountaineers are courageous for climbing so high.”

Elegant performance – describing the performance as elegant means that you thought it was very beautiful or gorgeous; it was pleasingly graceful and stylish in appearance or manner. “The dancers gave an elegant performance this evening.”

Amazed me – surprised or shocked me. In this case it was incredible to see the skaters do such things. “It amazed me that he received a 9 on his first IELTS exam.” 

To trip – to fall down while you are walking or running or doing something else like dancing or skating. “She tripped and hit her head on the table. Ouch!”

A feast for the eyes and ears – something pleasant to watch and listen to. “The Taylor Swift concert was a feast for the eyes and ears. It was incredible to watch the show and I love her music.”

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