Describe your Dream/ideal/Perfect Job – IELTS Cue Card Sample 85

IELTS Cue Card Sample 85 Topic Perfect Job

Describe what you think would be the perfect job for you.

You should say:

  • What job it would be
  • What you would do in this job
  • And explain why you think this would be the perfect job for you


Being a girl living in my 20s, I strongly believe that I should choose a right path for my career. In my opinion, a good career is not only a job that can offer me a good income to afford my living, but is enjoyable as well. That’s why I think a job in Marketing field will suit me well.


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I had spent a great amount of time on defining my strengths and weaknesses as well as asking for advice from other people. After that, I came to a conclusion that my outstanding skill is writing which I have an inborn talent for. Since I was at the age of 8, I was found out to be gifted in Literature by my teachers. They contributed a lot to developing my set of skills. During years of study, majoring in literature, I was often considered to be among the best students. Along with my writing skills, I think I will utilize my analytic skills and creativity which I acquired after years of studying at my university to dig into customer’s behaviors, then, develop a good campaign to get more customers for our company.

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Additionally, I am strongly passionate about Marketing. Therefore, I began to work in this field quite early, since I was a freshman. Those working experience provide me basic knowledge and skills of Marketing as well as strengthen my belief that this job would suit me.

Even though I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge of Marketing and I am currently working in Marketing department of Fast-moving Consumer Good company, I still have a long way to go before knowing it inside out.  I also hope that I can be good enough to get some promotion in near future.



  • Come to a conclusion: to reach a decision.

Ex: We talked for a long time but never came to any conclusion.

  • Outstanding: clearly very much better than what is usual:

Ex: It’s an area of outstanding natural beauty.

  • Inborn talent (phrase) existing from the time someone is born |  natural or instinctive

Ex: I have an inborn talent for singing

  • Acquire/pick up a skill (phrase)
  • Dig into: try to understand more about something

Ex: As digging more into Math, I gradually fall in love with this subject

  • Utilize: to use something in an effective way:

Ex: The vitamins come in a form that is easily utilized by the body.

  • A long way to go (phrase) to need to do a lot more before you are successful

Ex: I still have a long way to go before fulfilling my dream to become a yoga teacher.

  • Know inside out (phrase) master something, know something well

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