A Project at Work or Homework Assignment – Recent IELTS Cue Card Sample 1


Describe a project that you were once involved in (for example, a project at work or a homework assignment at school or university).

Model Answer 1:

During my student life, I had to participate in numerous team work projects, and having disagreements with other team members was unavoidable. I would like to talk about a team project that I was involved in during the junior year at university/to share with you my experience when I disagreed with my friend.

There were two of us on the team, and our task was to invest in the simulation stock market. We had to make decisions on choosing which stocks were profitable and worth our investment. Each group’s performance would be compared weekly and at the end of the semester, we would have to present our project in front of the whole class.
The project was vital as it contributed 50% to our final results of that semester. Besides, being an investor is really a challenging task, especially when the Vietnam stock market is volatile and unpredictable. Two of us fought for days to decide which companies had showed the best performance and promised a bright future on the stock market. My friend wanted to invest in a real estate company while I thought that an investment in real estate at that time was an unwise choice.

Despite our arguments, we completed the task on time and had an excellent group presentation. From this experience, I learned that it is very hard to be a good team member. You would have to know how to present yourself while fitting in the group and each person has to compromise to achieve a common goal.

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Sample Answer 2:

Let me talk about the project I did in a team in the second year of my graduate school. Our tutor gave us an assignment to review the server log of an international trade website and give a brief analytics using the data warehouse and data mining technology. We had three people in the team, and I was the team leader. I allocated different tasks to different classmates, one was responsible to extract the data from the database to the data warehouse, and the other one was to set up the data model for analyzing. I was to analyze the final data set with a data mining software and prepare the presentation.

The job was quite tough as this was our first time to do such assignment and we needed to overcome various technique problems. For example, we had to use the Microsoft database software to restore the data and write codes to manipulate the data transferring. Besides, the data mining software was also new to us; we had to get ourselves familiar with it.

Our team spent three weeks to finish the work which we reckoned it as an authentic project in corporation. Therefore we tried to learn the entire process of doing project, the demand analysis, project design and implementation, and the documents. As well as that, we learned some useful software and gained some coding experiences.

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