IELTS Cue Card Sample 67 – Topic: Describe a Skill

IELTS Cue Card Sample 67 - Skill

IELTS Cue Card Topic

Describe a skill you would like to learn

You should say:

– What the skill is

– Why you want to learn this skill

– Whether you think it would be difficult

– Whether you think you will learn it in the near future

Band 8.0+ Sample Answer

Digital technology has reshaped the world in more than one way during the last decade. As a result, a new way of living and working has also prevailed among people, especially Millennials. If you’ve heard about “digital nomad” – a work-from-anywhere kind of employee, you already know how a specific digital skill set can improve and simplify your life, which is why I take great interest in and set Photoshop – one of the most powerful graphic design tool to be my next challenge to conquer.

Being known as an incredible image editing program, Photoshop has earned its reputation for good reasons. Created and maintained by Adobe, Photoshop provides users with a complete and advanced tool set to maximize their creativity. It can do anything regarding online media, for example, creating 3D images, resizing, color correction and even editing video. Fancy as it sounds, to acquire Photoshop skill would be a painstaking process. Due to complex features and even more complex applications, Photoshop is not for those without patience and constant practice. Furthermore, the program usually gets upgraded with more usages, therefore, you would have to keep learning to avoid being obsolete. Graphic design is a critical skill in this digital era which affords anyone flexibility as well as attractive income.

Therefore, it would definitely be on top of my must-learn skill in the near future. Actually, I have already scheduled my timetable and squeeze in some hours for Photoshop 101 class next month and I hope it would go as well as it could be.a

Vocabulary & Useful Expression

  • prevail (v): exist or be very common at a particular time or in a particular place
  • Millennials (n): people who became adults around the year 2000
  • digital nomad: people who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living
  • simplify (n): make something easier to do or understand
  • take interest in: become concerned or interested in someone or something
  • conquer (a challenge) (v): succeed in dealing with or controlling something
  • earn reputation/ respect (collocation)
  • provide someone with something/ provide something for someone:
  • maximize (v): increase something as much as possible
  • acquire a skill/ an accent…: gain something by your own efforts, ability or behaviour
  • painstaking (a): needing a lot of care, effort and attention to detail
  • feature (n): a distinctive attribute or aspect of something
  • constant practice
  • get upgraded
  • obsolete (a):  out of date
  • afford (v) (formal): provide
  • attractive income:
  • schedule (v): arrange that an event or activity will happen at a particular time
  • squeeze in: manage to make room or time for someone or something in a tight space or schedule

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