Clothing and Fashion – IELTS Speaking Practice Test with Sample Answers

Clothing and Fashion – IELTS Speaking Practice Test with Sample Answers
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Prity Mallick

Prity Mallick

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Posted on Mar 10, 2021

The last item of clothing that I bought was a pair of boots. I bought them when I went to the Silk Market on my day off.

They are black, tall, and soft.

They also look very smart.

This pair caught my eye because they were simple and matched my clothes and accessories.

I chose them because boots can be worn on many different occasions and still be appropriate.

Also in the winter it’s very cold here in Beijing and it’s good to have some warm shoes to wear when you go out.

It is popular to wear shoes that have pointy or tight toes, but to me this style looks silly and is very uncomfortable.

My boots give my feet plenty of room to be comfortable without looking clumsy and bulky.

I’m a little bit short,

so I like these boots because they have a high enough heel to make me look average without being awkward or difficult to walk in. Now of course, one of the most important things far me besides the style is the price and that is what attracted me to these boots. My friends all tell me that if I went to Europe or America, my boots would have cost me an arm and a leg. No pun intended. Here in China my boots are very reasonably priced.


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