An Advice You Recently Received – IELTS Speaking Practice Test 21

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An Advice You Recently Received – IELTS Speaking Practice Test 21
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Frequently Asked Questions

In Part 3 of the Speaking test, Can I ask the examiner to explain more about a particular word which I don’t understand?

Yes, you can request the examiner to explain the specific word.

Can I ask for a feedback after the Speaking test is over?

No. It cannot be revealed to you. Examiner would have marked you for whatever you have spoken.

How do I answer this question: ” Is it better to get advice from a friend or from a family member”?

Sample answer: It depends on the person’s knowledge on the particular topic. It does not matter whether it’s a friend or a family member. For example: If I need to buy an expensive pen, I would seek advice from a friend or a family member who has already bought and used it.

How do I answer the question: “What would you say are the characteristics of a good adviser”?

Sample answer: Experience, wisdom and knowledge about the topic concerned would be characteristics of a good adviser.

Should I use difficult words while Speaking?

You should use related vocabulary. It carries 25% of marks.

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