IELTS Test Dates 2020


IELTS test dates are available up to 4 times in a month which makes a total of 48 fixed test dates in one calendar year.

Though the IELTS Academic test is held on every session, the IELTS General Training test is not available at every session. The IELTS General Training test happens 24 times a year whereas the IELTS Academic test happens 48 times a year. 

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the IELTS Test was postponed in a number of places all over India. The tests have now resumed and begin from the 18th of July 2020. Check the availability of tests in our local test centres by booking a test on this website:


Also check : 

IELTS exam dates 2020 

The IELTS Test dates given below are global but if the demands are low in a particular centre, the tests might not take place. It would be better to contact your local ielts test centre to confirm your IELTS exam dates in that particular centre.

The below tests are for paper-based tests. The computer-based test is only held in the centres that have the facility to conduct this test.

IELTS Test Dates Module
January 2020
Saturday 4th Academic
Saturday 11th Academic & General
Thursday 16th Academic
Saturday 18th Academic & General
February 2020
Saturday 1st Academic & General
Saturday 8th Academic
Thursday 13th Academic & General
Saturday 22nd Academic
March 2020
Thursday 5th Academic
Saturday 7th Academic & General
Saturday 14th Academic
Saturday 21st Academic & General
April 2020
Saturday 4th Academic & General
Saturday 11th Academic
Saturday 18th Academic  & General
Thursday 30th Academic
May 2020
Saturday 9th Academic
Saturday 16th Academic
Thursday 21st Academic & General
Saturday 30th Academic & General
June 2020
Saturday 6th Academic
Saturday 13th Academic & General
Thursday 18th Academic
Saturday 20th Academic & General
July 2020
Thursday 2nd Academic
Saturday 11th Academic & General
Saturday 18th Academic
Saturday 25th Academic & General
August 2020
Thursday 6th Academic
Saturday 8th Academic & General
Saturday 22nd Academic & General
Saturday 29th Academic
September 2020
Saturday 5th Academic
Saturday 12th Academic & General
Thursday 17th Academic & General
Saturday 26th Academic & General
October 2020
Saturday 10th Academic
Thursday 15th Academic
Saturday 24th Academic & General
Saturday 31st Academic & General
November 2020
Saturday 7nd Academic
Thursday 12th Academic & General
Saturday 21st Academic & General
Saturday 28rd Academic
December 2020
Thursday 3rd Academic
Saturday 5th Academic & General
Saturday 12th Academic
Saturday 19th Academic& General









Does IELTS tests happen at the same time around the world ?

No. It doesn’t.

In India, how many test dates are offered in a month ?


Are they always held on weekends?

No. Not always.

Does the availability of dates differ from one test centre to another?

Yes. They differ.

Are all the tests conducted on the same day?

No. Listening, Reading and Writing tests are conducted on the same day. Speaking test will be conducted 7 days before or after the test date and sometimes on the same date.

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