Computer-Based IELTS 2024

Computer-Based IELTS 2024
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between taking IELTS on a computer and taking IELTS on paper?

The IELTS on the computer is the same as the IELTS on paper. The format, time allocation, content, difficulty level, and question types are the same for both formats, except for the Speaking section, as it will be conducted by a certified examiner. The only difference is in how the test is administered. Instead of writing the answer on a piece of paper, the candidate must type it on the screen in the computer-based test

Is computer-based IELTS easier?

The difficulty level of the IELTS remains unchanged because the format and content of the questions are the same for both computer-based and paper-based formats. The computer-delivered IELTS may be easier than the paper-based IELTS only if the test-taker is competent at typing on a keyboard and if they can listen and type simultaneously. The main advantage is that they can edit their answers much more easily in the writing section, saving time.

What are some of the benefits of computer-based IELTS?

The advantages of computer-based IELTS include faster results, flexibility (additional test dates), automatic word count, highlighting texts and making notes, no handwriting issues, and the possibility to alter the answers readily

Is the computer-based IELTS marked by a computer or a professional?

The IELTS Reading and Listening sections are automatically marked by the computer, while trained IELTS professionals grade the Writing and Speaking sections.

Give some tips for the computer-based IELTS

With the difficulty level of the computer-based IELTS fluctuating, some preparation tips which the test-takers can follow during the CBT are reading the questions thoroughly before answering, practising every question under the stopwatch, focusing on grammatical usage and spelling, highlighting the important sections to understand the general theme of the reading passage, and proofreading the answers.

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Raman Kumar

Posted on Sep 28, 2022

I am looking forward to practice using CD IELTS, but want to know beforehand if mock tests style you provide are similar to actual IDP CD Examination. Moreover, please provide any demo mock test relatively so that I could decide on what I’ve decided.



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