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IELTS Speaking Practice Test 42 & Band 8.0 Sample Answers


Audio for Speaking Practice Test 42

Speaking Part 1

How much money is enough?

Well, it’s hard to answer this question as there is no exact measurement to say how much money is actually enough. It’s up to perspectives and goals of different people.  Some people want to earn more money so they can save up but some just need a certain amount of money to sustain their lives.


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Why do people care too much about money?

I think the reason is simply because money equals power. The more money you have ,the more things you can do ,the more influence you have over people. No one refuses power so that’s why they give priority to money.

Is money important to you?

Absolutely. I can buy things with money and give presents for my family by my own money. It makes my life more meaningful . It’s like a  motivation to push me forward and work harder to enhance my life. For me, money is just never enough and if I’m satisfied with what I earn, I’ll fall behind with fellows.

ielts recent actual test 2020

What do people in your country save money for?

I suppose it’s up to different purposes. While the young save money for travelling or paying tuition fees, the elderly tend to keep money for health service and their kids. However, young people have more desire than the seniors so they often spend more than their savings.

IELTS Speaking ebook CTA

Speaking Part 2

Cue Card

Describe a method to save money.

You should say :

  • what the method is?
  • when you started to use it?
  • how you knew it and explain why it is helpful.



Well, I’m not good at saving money and I tend to buy things without careful consideration. It’s hard to save if you don’t know exactly what you are saving for so what I do is to set savings goals to motivate myself in every financial decision that I make. Going to Japan has always been my biggest dream but I’ve postponed it so many times due to lack of money. I tried to keep money myself but I still overspent and was out of money at the end of month. I asked my mom to keep money for me as she is better at controlling expense. She is like my accountant and  helps me to balance the expense. She also gives me advice whenever I go shopping to make sure it doesn’t set me back .  We have an agreement that whenever I take away a sum of money, I have to save double that amount. This works wonders with me as my saving goes up every month . Now I  always ask myself whether it’s necessary to buy things or I can save for a rainy day. After a while, I realize I’ve set aside more money everyday . I buy things within my budget and don’t waste  money for unnecessary things. This method of saving money makes me feel good about myself and I feel financially secure.

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People Vs Money

What do you think about money?

Money can do many things, both good and bad. It allows us to have freedom and a wide variety of choices. Money gives us confidence and desire to work harder so we can have a  better life.  You can decide where and how you want to live when you have a good income. When you do not have much money, your choice will be limited. However, everything comes with a price. Having much money doesn’t mean people wont  run into problems. Most people fail to strike a balance between earning and enjoying money so they work  day and night. They believe they’ll be happier if they have lots of money. However, for most people, such time never comes and they die unhappy and dissatisfied.

Could human beings live without money?

It’s true that money isn’t the most important thing in this world but it’s  irreplaceable in our lives. If the world were a completely free place with no expenses and people could own anything they want without money, they would no longer go to work. There would be nothing as motivation and people would work unproductively. Money stimulates people to overcome obstacles so they can enjoy their achievements to the fullest. Besides, people who have money have their own voice in society and it’s a strong encouragement for anyone.

In your opinion, why do many people derive pleasure from spending money?

Spending money is definitely the most satisfying feeling ever. People can buy things they’ve long waited for to please themselves. Buying something new will make their day and stimulates them to work harder. The money spent isn’t necessarily on oneself but also loved ones. It makes us feel good so we will spend more money the next time.

Who do you think save more money men or women?

Well, it’s hard to say. Men’s biggest risk is their egos. They need to brag about their possessions and how much money they’ve earned , so they end up spending more money. Women tend to save money and spend it when they really need it. However, there are still exceptions when women manage money worse than men. That’s why there is no strong proof to show men or women save more money.

Which do you think is better for the economy of a country or area, people saving money or people spending money?

It’s such a tricky question. I guess for any economy, saving is entwined with spending. When people buy things, they will contribute a sum of money to the stores so they can pay salaries . The government also benefit from that as it’ll gain tax. If people save money, only the banks have advantage so they can invest or set up new businesses. An ideal economy is when saving and spending balanced . It’s a rule for any economy in the world.

Do you think the government should let people know how it spends money?

Well, actually, I don’t really care about this issue. I think the government has its own reason to not publicize everything. It can be  state secrets so the authority wants to keep it private. However, If the government could  go public with the amount of  money it spends, it would gain trust from the public and assure them that their money is invested properly.


Young People Vs Money

How can or how do young people learn to manage their financial affairs?

From my point of view, young people should learn from their parents who have lots of experience with spending money. They will give the youngsters sound advice to keep an eye on personal expenses . The young should plan short terms and long term financial goals and review them from time to time to manage personal finance well. They need to make sure their budgets cover their savings as well in case of any unforeseen emergency

Do you think it’s easy for (young) people to save money?

I think it’s all about motivation. When people have specific goals, they’ll find saving money easier. For instance, lots of youngsters are working their way through university by doing some part-time jobs. They don’t feel like depending on their parents and wanting to have less burden on family. They can save a small sum of money every month. Once young people keep that habit, they can have considerable savings for their future.

Do young people nowadays believe in saving money?

Well, I don’t really know. It depends on their outlook, I guess. Saving money up is a good idea in case undesirable problems happen. Developing the discipline to do it over a long period of time is what most people find difficult to do. That’s why not many young people keep track with their monthly expense.

Kids and Money

Do you think parents should give pocket money to the kids?

I do agree with that. Giving pocket money to children helps them start learning about money management. When children get pocket money, they have to make choices about spending or saving it. If they save up, they have to learn about waiting for things they want . Otherwise , kids who choose to spend are likely to use up all the money. After a few months, they’ll know how to spend within their budget. Paying the children to do chores also makes them more hard-working. Money doesn’t grow on trees so giving pocket money will teach the kids to appreciate it.

 Do parents in your country think it’s important for their children to save money?

Yes, they do. They always encourage the kids to live within their means . They believe if  the children save money, they will be more appreciate and use it wisely. When they set aside money, they will prepare better for the future. They may think saving isn’t necessary now since they are still young and lack of experience. Once they grow up, they’ll understand that it makes good sense.

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