Word of The Day – Ultimate

Ieltsmaterial.com - Word of the day - ultimate
Ieltsmaterial.com - Word of the day - ultimate

Ultimate – WORD OF THE DAY (for Speaking and Writing Task 1,2)

Ultimate (adjective) /ˈʌltɪmət/

[only before noun

final, happening at the end of a long process

For IELTS Speaking:

My ultimate goal is to get into the most prestigious university in this entire world called Harvard University

He had no ready solution, but continued to believe the ultimate solution she chose to these insurmountable obstacles was a cop-out (cop-out: to avoid or stop doing something that you should do because you are afraid, lazy, etc)

For IELTS Writing Task 2: 

Laying especial emphasis on the priority of mind to body, and on the absolute and ultimate dependence of mind as well as body on the existence of God.


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