Ascribe – Word Of The Day For IELTS

WORD OF THE DAY - ascribe

Ascribe – Word Of The Day For IELTS Speaking And Writing

Ascribe: (Verb) /əˈskraɪb/


  1. to claim that something is caused by a particular person, situation etc
  2. to claim that something has been written, said, made etc by a particular person
  3. to believe that something or someone has a particular quality


Attribute, Impute, Accredit


Ascribe something to somebody/something


For IELTS Speaking:
“The report ascirbes the rise in childhood asthma to the increase in pollution.”

“A quotation that’s often been ascribed to Marilyn Monroe.”

Local people ascribe healing properties to this fruit.”

For IELTS Writing:
“There seems no particular reason to ascribe economic rationality to one group and not the other.”


Choose the following words to fill in the blank: intervene, voluntary, simulated, dispose, file, chemical, priority, thesis, hierarchy, converting.

  1. I don’t like to work overtime because my number one _______________ in life is to spend time with my children.
  2. We’ve just finished _______________ one of the bedrooms in our house into a playroom for the children.
  3. Nuclear power plants produce a lot of dangerous waste that they continually need to _______________ of.
  4. Abraham Maslow defined a _______________ of needs which motivate man’s behaviour.
  5. This effort to ____________ blame makes no sense, because the dip was too small to matter.
  6. At least 100,000 different _______________ reactions occur in the normal human brain every second.
  7. The government has so far refused to _______________ in the transit strike.
  8. Could you please _______________ these documents for me?
  9. Using virtual reality, doctors can experiment with new procedures on _______________ patients.
  10. The muscles make _______________ or in_______________ movement of the body possible.

Answer keys:

  1. priority
  2. converting
  3. dispose
  4. hierarchy
  5. ascribe
  6. chemical
  7. intervene
  8. file
  9. simulated
  10. voluntary

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