Crucial – Word of the Day for IELTS Speaking And Writing

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Crucial – Word of the Day for IELTS Speaking And Writing

Crucial: (Adjective) /ˈkruː.ʃəl/

Definition :

Something that is crucial is extremely important because everything else depends on it.

Synonyms :

Important, Vital, Essential, Indispensable.

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Collocations :

A crucial factor/point/issue/stage/decision/element.

Example :

For IELTS Speaking :
“Parents play a crucial role in preparing their children for adult life.”
“The city was regarded as crucial to the area’s defence.”

For IELTS Writing :
“Technology plays a crucial role in modern life.”

Exercise :

Choose the following words to fill in the blank: crucial, appended, reinforced, highlight, clarify, intense, theme, visual, drama, plus.

  1. This government needs to _______________ its position on the issue, as no one is quite sure what they intend.
  2. She studied _______________ in high school, and hopes to go into acting.
  3. It is _______________ that you get regular exercise if you want to lose weight.
  4. Firefighters had difficulty approaching the burning building due to the _______________ heat.
  5. The cost is $5, _______________ $0.85 in tax.
  6. Standing at the top of the Eiffel Tower and looking out over the city in the evening was the _______________ of my visit to Paris.
  7. The director’s name is _______________ to all official documents.
  8. She is studying the _______________ arts; painting, drawing, and that sort of thing at college.
  9. The main _______________ of the novel is the importance of love in human relationships.
  10. The United Nation’s choice of Canada as one of the best countries in the world to live in has _______________ this country’s good reputation abroad.
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