Word Of The Day – Candid

Word of the day - candid
Word of the day - candid

Candid – Word of the Day for IELTS Speaking & Writing

Candid (Adjective) /‘kændid/

Meaning: telling the truth, even when the truth can be unpleasant or embarrassing

Synonyms: artless, ingenuous, unbiased

Antonyms: guileful, evasive

Collocations: be perfectly/quite/remarkably/ candid about/with


For IELTS Speaking: It is suggested that candidates should be candid with interviewers when they are called for an interview.

For IELTS Writing: The government is remarkably candid about the difficulties that the country is facing.

Bear in mind that a proper grasp of vocabulary is especially important for the IELTS test because it makes up 25% of your mark in IELTS writing and speaking, and also plays an essential role in IELTS Listening & Writing.

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