IELTS Listening: Types, Parts, Exam Format, Scoring & Tips!

IELTS Listening: Types, Parts, Exam Format, Scoring & Tips!
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“A guide for acing the IELTS Listening test. Learn about the types of listening, parts of the test, exam format, scoring system, and tips to get a higher band.“

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sections and questions are there?

In the IELTS Listening module, you will find a total of four sections. Section 1 and section 2 will be based upon social situations. On the other hand, sections 3 and section 4 will be academic. You will get a total of 40 questions in this module, with 10 in each section.

How many times will I be able to listen to the recording?

The recording will be played only once, so be focused for the whole time. Since you will not get another chance to go through the recording, make sure you prepare your answers well and concentrate adequately.

How long do I get to transfer the answers to the answer sheet?

In a paper-based test, you get 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet. In a computer-based test, you only get 2 minutes to recheck your answers. So, make sure you are quick and prompt with your answers so that you don’t leave anything behind.

Are there different word counts for each question?

Yes, you will be asked to answer in different word counts for each question. According to the instructions, you are required to write the exact number of words as answers in the answer sheet.

Do I get time to read the questions first?

Yes, you do. Before the audio is played, you get to read the questions first. Make sure you are using this time wisely and cautiously. You can read the questions and then underline keywords and try thinking about potential paraphrasing as well.

What is the scoring for listening?

The scoring that you will get will be based upon how many questions you answered correctly. If you got 23 or correct answers out of 40, you will score a 6 band score. If you score 30 correct answers, you will get a 7 band score. And, if you answer 35 correct answers, you will get an 8 band score.

Will I lose points because of a wrong answer?

Even if you answer incorrectly, you will not lose any points. Hence, you should never leave any question blank. If you don’t know any answer, you can always guess.

Do they allow students to write on the question paper?

Yes, they do. Right from making notes to underlining keywords, jotting down paraphrase words, and writing answers to any questions, you can use the question paper to make notes. In fact, it will be a useful activity as it will help you discover and locate answers with ease.

Should I use a pencil or a pen to write answers?

For the listening test question paper, it is recommended that you use a pencil to answer the questions. Hence, make sure you don’t forget to take an eraser and a sharpener along. For writing answers, you can use either a pen or a pencil.

Does wrong spelling make a difference?

Yes, they do. Writing incorrect spellings can lead to the entire answer being marked wrong. Hence, make sure you re-check your spellings time and again and discover mistakes and rectify them at the same time.

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