Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0+: FOOD, TRAVEL AND HOLIDAYS (Part 1)

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Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0 +: FOOD, TRAVEL AND HOLIDAYS – Practice Exercises and Answer Key (Part 1)


Your Hotel

(A) Chose the correct answer option from the four choices, a – d.

  1. The room was_____________ decorated in gold and silver; it was quite simply over the top.

a ostentatiously           b. tantalisingly             c. tactfully       d. benevolently

  1. They made _____________ preparations in anticipation of the arrival of their celebrity guests.

a degenerate                b. decadent                 c. elaborate      d. strenuous

  1. It was a(n) _____________ location with an intoxicating sense of romance, something akin to what one might find described in a fairytale.

a chivalrous                 b. whimsical                c. enchanting   d. extravagant

  1. The decor of the hotel was _____________; it screamed ‘five-star’ from the moment you stepped into the lobby.

a sumptuous                b. picturesque              c. idyllic          d. quaint

  1. Dinner was_____________ , and the after-dinner entertainment was equally exceptional.

a delectable                 b. despicable               c. voluptuous   d. ravishing

  1. The location was far from _____________ and certainly not as described on the brochure,

a nostalgic                   b. melodious                c. opulent        d. idyllic

  1. The venue had a lovely, warm _____________ and we felt very comfortable there.

a semblance                 b. ambience                 c. traction        d. disposition

  1. The prices were _____________ and there was little value for money to be had in any of the items on the menu.

a oppressive                 b. exacting                   c. extortionate             d. fraudulent

  1. The _____________ was decorated in an Edwardian style, but it looked like the inside of the building had been brought right up to date.

a facade                       b. veneer                      c. guise                        d. camouflage

  1. Our hotel room was surprisingly _____________ , especially taking into consideration that it was very reasonably priced.

a decadent                   b. commodious            c. languid                   d. vivacious

  1. The level of service we received from all staff, without exception, was quite simply _____________ .

a gallant                       b. solicitous                 c. punctilious               d. exemplary

  1. The hotel’s description in the brochure was_____________ in the extreme and we were left utterly disappointed on arrival.

a fallacious                  b. pretentious              c. perplexing                d. erratic

(B) Put the words of similar meaning together in groups.

cramped          immaculate      spotless            elegant             inconspicuous         cluttered

quirky              offbeat                        remote             subtle              chic                  secluded

sombre             rowdy              garish              subdued          trendy              picturesque

boisterous        functional             quaint              refined             gaudy              utilitarian

  1. Charming
  2. Fashionable
  3. Understated
  4. Classy
  5. Vulgar
  6. Isolated
  7. Basic
  8. Clean
  9. Noisy
  10. Dull
  11. Not spacious
  12. Unconventional


Your Hotel


  1. a            2. c             3. c      4. a      5. a      6. d      7. b      8. c      9. a      10. b    11. d    12. a


1. quaint/picturesque

2. chic/trendy

3. subtle/inconspicuous

4. elegant/refined

5. garish/gaudy

6. remote/secluded

7. functional/utilitarian

8. immaculate/spotless

9. boisterous/rowdy

10. sombre/subdued

11. cramped/ cluttered

12. quirky/offbeat

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