Cumbersome – Word Of The Day For IELTS


Cumbersome (adj) /ˈkʌmbərsəm/


  1. large and heavy; difficult to carry
    2. slow or complicated and therefore inefficient

1. awkward, clumsy, inconvenient, clunky
2. unwieldy, complicated, complex, burdensome

1. light, convenient
2. unburdensome, straightforward


Cumbersome bureaucracy


  • Unlike my other casual costumes, this designer dress is far more cumbersome.
  • The application procedure was too cumbersome that it took lots of time to successfully accomplish everything.
  • The assignment was so cumbersome that Jill had to hire six temporary workers to assist her.
  • The customer service agent said I would have to pay extra for my cumbersome suitcase.

Tips for IELTS Exam (using “Cumbersome”)

If you are preparing for IELTS exam without any proper study plan, learning method or strategies, then it will be more cumbersome for you. The chances are high that you will be able to fall through rather than get a high IELTS score. Therefore,before taking up the exam, you should make a detailed study plan. For example, first you can plan to figure out the pattern of the exam, and then work on the sections you are not good at. By logging into our website,, you get a wealth of knowledge with regard to IELTS tips, lessons, books, sample answers, practice tests of Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading.

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