Diminish – Word Of The Day

word of the day by IELTSMaterial.com - diminish
word of the day by IELTSMaterial.com - diminish

Diminish – Word Of The Day For IELTS Speaking and Writing

Diminish: (Verb) /dɪˈmɪn.ɪʃ/


To become or make something become smaller or less.


Reduce, Decline, Decrease, Fall, Drop.


Diminish further/gradually/greatly/rapidly/significantly/steadily.


For IELTS Speaking:

“The average rainfall has diminished by around 30 percent.”
“Support for the government is steadily diminishing.”

For IELTS Writing:

“Unemployment rate has diminished in the past few months.”


Choose the following words to fill in the blank: found, diminish, route, bulk, norm, concurrent, qualitative, team, accommodate, mature.

  1. The _______________ of India’s thriving movie industry is based in Bombay.

  2. Falling to sleep to the sounds of bombs and gunfire has become the _______________ for many children living in war-torn countries.
  3. The little boy forgot to deliver a newspaper to one of the houses on his _______________, so he had to go back after supper.

  4. My grandfather helped _______________ this company over 75 years ago.

  5. He was really disappointed after his _______________ lost the game 10 – 1.
  6. With people having fewer kids these days, the local school can easily _______________ all the children in the area.

  7. Cooking and freezing do not _______________ the spicy heat of a hot pepper.

  8. Human speech is a vast _______________ expansion over animal communication systems.
  9. Kate is only 7 years old, but she is very _______________ for her age, and is often mistaken for a 10-year-old.

  10. The murderer is serving two _______________ life-sentences.

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