Negate – Word Of The Day For IELTS

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word of the day - negate

Negate – Word Of The Day For IELTS Speaking And Writing

Negate /nɪˈɡeɪt/ (Verb)


(formal) to prevent something from having any effect


Neutralize, Cancel out


  • Efforts to expand the tourist industry could be negated by reports that the sea is highly polluted.
  • Many of these emotions energise greater effort but others negate effort and lead to dissatisfaction, stress and withdrawal.
  • Within a few weeks, they accrue a debt that negates the salary their recruiter had promised them.


Try to use this word “negate” in your speech

Describe a historical place that you know about

You should say:

  • What the place is
  • Where it is located
  • What is the historical significance of the place

Sample Answer:

I am going to talk about an amazing historical place that I know about, even though I’ve never visited it.  I’ll tell you what it is, where it is and as much as I can about the historical meaning of the place and finally my own reactions regarding it.

I want to tell you about Stonehenge.  This is an ancient set of standing stones, arranged in a circle.  It is located in Wiltshire, in England, but I think it would be fair to say the image of it would be recognised worldwide, as it is possibly one of the most famous historic sites in the world.

In terms of the meaning of the place, it’s really impossible to say.  It is so very old, even archaeologists aren’t sure exactly when it was built, estimates go back to as long ago as 3000 BC, which is mind boggling to me!  It is certainly accurate to describe it as a prehistoric monument.  Some people think it might have started as a burial mound and be even more ancient that 5,000 years.  The colossal slabs are arranged like huge door frames, no-one really knows how they were erected without the technology of modern times, but everyone agrees it was an incredible feat of engineering and showed foresight and tenacity in spaces!  However, it is certain that they were somehow aligned so that at key stages of the lunar and solar cycles, the way the light strikes the stones is of some significance.  Apparently, it was deliberately constructed so that the rising sun only reached the middle of the stones for just one day of the year.

Lots of people like to try and imagine what sort of ceremonies and importance the stones might have had for the people who built it, but some scientist negated this hypothesis.  Even today, modern day druids have for many years gathered at the stones for the summer solstice (longest day of the year) and winter solstice (shortest day of the year) to watch the sunrise and mark the event with their own celebrations.

For me, I think this is the ultimate historical place, even though I have yet to visit it.  It is just so remarkable to think it was constructed all those thousands of years ago just by physical labour. Even the stones themselves – the largest of which are up to 30 feet and weigh about 25 tonnes, had to be brought to the site from about 20 miles away, how on earth was that possible? For me, the stones prove that with determination, tenacity and working together it is sometimes possible to achieve what seems impossible.  At the same time, the way they have endured over time gives perspective on our place in the world.  Time passes, people and generations pass too, but they can leave a legacy behind even if it only one of many unanswered questions for future people to ponder over!

  • Mind blogging: extremely surprising and difficult to understand or imagine
  • Prehistoric monument: a very old building or place that is important historically
  • Colossal slabs: large stones
  • Ponder over: to spend time thinking carefully and seriously about a problem, a difficult question, or something that has happened
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