Word of the Day – Assimilate

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ieltsmaterial.com-word of the day - assimilate

Assimilate – Word of the Day for IELTS Speaking & Writing

Assimilate (Verb) /əˈsɪmɪˌleɪt/ 


  • become similar to one’s environment
  • take up mentally | absorb, ingest, take in (knowledge, beliefs, skills)

Collocation: to assimilate into

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Synonym:  homogenize, acculturate, accustom, accommodate


  • For IELTS Writing:
    Many new immigrants have not yet assimilated fully into the new community.   (=adjust, accommodate)
    They had been assimilated into the nation’s culture. (=adjust, accommodate)
  • For IELTS Speaking:
    Teamwork skills is essential, when a new member try to assimilate into new groups. (=adjust, accommodate)
    My mind could only assimilate one possibility at a time. (=ingest, absorb)
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