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Compensate – Word of the Day for IELTS Speaking & Writing

Compensate (verb) /ˈkɒm.pən.seɪt/

Meaning: to replace or balance the effect of something bad |  pay money for a loss/injury

Word Family:


play\kəm-ˈpen(t)-sə-ˌtȯr-ē\ adjective


play\ˈkäm-pən-ˌsā-tiv, -ˌpen-; kəm-ˈpen(t)-sə-\ adjective


play\ˈkäm-pən-ˌsā-tər, -ˌpen-\ noun



ADV. amply, fully | more than compensate

PREP. for

Eg: The advantages of the scheme more than compensate for the risks associated with it

For IELTS Speaking: My hard work & diligence compensate for my lack of skill.

For IELTS Writing: The government will compensate workers for their loss of earnings during economic recession.

Fill in the gap with given words: compensation | criteria | ensure | linking

1. Eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, protein and dairy products will _______________ your body gets the minerals it needs.

2. Libya has long been a crossroads, _______________ three continents.

3. Potential immigrants to this country are evaluated using a point system which examines _______________ such as age, health, work skills, and education

4. He received almost half a million dollars in _______________ after an accident in which the brakes on his new car failed.

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    • The Answer for this excercise:
      1. ensure : make certain that (something) shall occur
      2. linking
      3.criteria (plural of criterion): a rule for evaluating or testing something
      4.compensation: payment for a loss/injury

      You’re absolutely right!

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