Manipulate – Word Of The Day For IELTS


Manipulate – Word Of The Day For IELTS Speaking And Writing

Manipulate: (Verb) /məˈnɪp.jə.leɪt/


To make someone think and behave exactly as you want them to, by skillfully deceiving or influencing them.


Influence, Impact, Effect.


Successfully/delicately/skillfully/deliberately/systematically/genetically manipulate.


For IELTS Speaking:
” My leader was one of those men who manipulated people.”
“You have the constant feeling you are being manipulated.

For IELTS Writing:
” The thought that any parent would manipulate their child into seeking fame just appalled people.”


Choose the following words to fill in the blank: commodity, thereby, restoring, currency, appreciate, widespread, practitioners, manipulated, eventual, implicit.

  1. Coffee is the world trading system’s second most valuable legal _______________ after oil.
  2. I really _______________ all the help you’ve given us.
  3. He made his fortune _______________ old character houses and then selling them at a huge profit.
  4. A convention of medical _______________ was held to discuss new developments in the treatment of HIV.
  5. The Japanese monster Godzilla can fly by firing a blast of energy from his mouth, _______________ projecting himself backwards through space.
  6. The _______________ goal of the recent talks between North and South Korea is the reunification of the country.
  7. Mickey Mouse gained _______________ popularity soon after he appeared in a short cartoon entitled “Steamboat Willy”.
  8. European countries now share a common _______________ known as the euro.
  9. The problem with statistics is that they can often be _______________ in such a way as to support whatever argument one wants.
  10. We have _______________ faith in the doctor’s ability to take care of our son.

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