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word of the day by ieltsmaterial - prohibit
word of the day by ieltsmaterial - prohibit

Qualitative – Word Of The Day For IELTS Speaking And Writing.

Qualitative: (Adjective) /ˈkwɒl.ɪ.tə.tɪv/


relating to the quality or standard of something rather than the quantity. 


Standard, Prestige, Quality, Calibre.


Qualitative analysis/change/data/difference/method/research/study.


For IELTS Speaking
“The main focus of the project was a qualitative study of what helped adults cope on these courses.”
“We share interests in oral history, qualitative research and social theory.”

For IELTS Writing
“There is then a qualitative change from earlier socio-cultural relations, even within the earlier market phases.”


Choose the following words to fill in the blank: founded, bulk, team, qualitative, concurrent, matures, norms, accommodate, route, diminished.

  1. Your left lung is smaller than the right to _______________ the space taken up by your heart.
  2. When a shrimp is first born, it is male, and it gradually evolves to female as it _______________.
  3. The gas company was able to _______________ the pipeline under our flower garden without having to dig up our yard at all.
  4. _______________ with his pop music career, Paul McCartney has also written an opera and a book of poetry, and put on an exhibition of his paintings.
  5. The capital city of the Dominican Republic was _______________ by Christopher Columbus’ brother, Bartolome, in 1496.
  6. Beirut is a major seaport, and handles the _______________ of Lebanon’s imports and exports.
  7. A _______________ of doctors worked for over 12 hours to replace the baby’s diseased heart.
  8. Since this latest scandal, there has been a _______________ change in the public’s level of trust in the prime minister.
  9. The threat of war has _______________ now that the government has withdrawn its troops from the disputed territory.
  10. Playing games helps children to learn both social _______________ and social skills.
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  • Nice effort! There are still 3 wrong answers as follows:

    3. route
    Meaning: to send something somewhere using a particular way or direction
    Example: Traffic was routed around the accident.

    6. Bulk
    Meaning: The major portion or greater part
    Example: The great bulk of necessary work can never be anything but painful

    8. Qualitative
    Collocation: Qualitative analysis/change/data/difference/method/research/study

  • Are these rights? I am not sure about “bulk”

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