Awkward – Word Of The Day For IELTS

Awkward – Word Of The Day For IELTS Writing & Speaking

AWKWARD /ˈɔːkwəd/  Adj


  1. difficult to deal with and embarrassed
  2. not comfortable, relaxed or confident


Synonyms: difficult, inconvenient, embarrassing, impossible, tough, uncertain



  • with verb: be, look, seem | make sth | become
  • with adv: extremely, very | a bit, rather, slightly, somewhat | painfully
  • with phrase: make things
  • with prep: about



  • There was an awkward silence.
  • I felt awkward because because they obviously wanted to be alone.
  • Don’t ask awkward questions.
  • You’ve put me in awkward position.
  • Have I come at an awkward time?
  • I must have slept in an awkward position.



Try to use “Awkward” in your answer to the following cue card:

Describe a funny situation that made you laugh. You should say

– when this situation took place
– what happened
– how you reacted and why you found the situation funny

Leave your answer in the comment below to be corrected and scored by our IELTS experts.

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