Tyro – Word of the day

Tyro – Word of the day for IELTS Speaking & Writing

Tyro (noun) /ˈtaɪrəʊ/

Meaning: a beginner in learning anything; novice

Word Origin: 1610s, from Medieval Latin tyro, variant of Latin tiro (plural tirones) “youngsoldier, recruit, beginner,” of unknown origin.

Synonym: neophyte, beginner, learner, apprentice, amateur, newbie, rookie


She is a tyro who has little experience of journalism.

I wondered from the start why such a smart young fellow should make himself out to be a mere tyro in computer technology.

I am a tyro at English; therefore, I often mispronounce long words which most native speakers of English have no problem with.

After 3 months digging in IELTS, I’m no longer a tyro at English and have achieved band 8.0 in IELTS.

At first, you may be a tyro at dancing. However, with a lot of practice and dedication, you will finally master it.

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Nafia Zuhana is an experienced content writer and IELTS Trainer. Currently, she is guiding students who are appearing for IELTS General and Academic exams through ieltsmaterial.com. With an 8.5 score herself, she trains and provides test takers with strategies, tips, and nuances on how to crack the IELTS Exam. She holds a degree in Master of Arts – Creative Writing, Oxford Brookes University, UK. She has worked with The Hindu for over a year as an English language trainer.

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