Refinement – Word of the Day

word of the day by - refinement
word of the day by - refinement

Refinement – Word of the Day for IELTS Speaking and Writing

Refinement : (Noun) /rɪˈfaɪn.mənt/

Definition :

An improvement, usually a small one, to something.

Synonyms :

Clarification, Processing

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Collocations :

With adjective: considerable/great/extra/further/continuous/endless/useful/technical/modern refinement.

With verb: need/require/add/introduce refinement.

Example :

For IELTS Speaking :
“The technology requires a great deal of refinement.”
“A greater refinement of the categorization is possible.”

For IELTS Writing :
Aims are necessary starting points, but before the teacher can begin to provide learning experiences further refinement is essential.”

Exercise :

Choose the following words to fill in the blank : overlapped, scenarios, refinements, temporary, confine, distortion, ceaselessly, mediate, analogies, inherent.

  1. He is very traditional in his thinking and believes that women should __________ themselves to housework and child-raising.
  2. The human body __________ adapts to the constant changes that take place in its environment.
  3. ESL students often try to draw __________ between English and their mother tongue, but it is not always possible.
  4. Stress is an __________ part of life, with both positive and negative consequences.
  5. The bike path is closed for a __________ period so that repairs can be made to the asphalt.
  6. I love the __________ on the guitar in that song; it sounds so cool!
  7. The Smiths used a marriage counsellor to __________ their separation and were able to settle things without any major problems.
  8. Scientists are studying various abrupt climate change __________ to assess their impact on our planet.
  9. The two programs __________, so students in the first program had to miss the first few days of classes in the second program because of final exams.
  10. Recent __________ to the software appear to have removed the bugs that were causing problems.
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