Procure – Word Of The Day For IELTS

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word of the day - procure

Procure – Word Of The Day For IELTS Speaking And Writing

Procure /prəˈkjʊə $ proʊˈkjʊr/ (Verb)


(formal) to obtain something, especially something that is difficult to get


Acquire, Obtain


Procure something for somebody


  • He was accused of procuring weapons for terrorists
  • Alice offered pamphlets and books, which she would procure for him.
  • They had been procured in the early years of the century through a carefully orchestrated city campaign.
  • He therefore persuaded a friend to procure him a ticket without disclosing his identity.


Try to use the word “procure” in your speech

Describe an occasion or event when you were congratulated

You should say:

  • What was the occasion
  • When was it
  • Who congratulated you and why

Sample Answer:

We all get appreciations for the good things we do for others or for our great achievements or personal excellence. One such occasion when I was congratulated was the time when our debate team won the district level championship.

It was 2001 and I was a student of grade 8. I was an active member of our school debate team and had participated different solo and team debate competitions. The yearly inter-school level championship is considered to be a prestigious tournament and the final is broadcasted on local TV channels as well as on the radio. Our school had never been able to win the championship before 2001, though some of the debate teams participated till the semi-final round of the championship. This year I was the captain of the debate team and to everyone’s great surprise, we won the final. Most of the people of our city watched the final on TV and had been very excited, happy and proud that we won. The school arranged a ceremony to congratulate us for our achievement and I found more than 5 hundred students, their guardians and local people were present there. I was so proud, happy and excited about the occasion and when all those people started congratulating me, I felt like I was flying above the sky.

Later I procured many congratulations and appreciations in my life but the excitement and joy I felt on that occasion was incomparable. We walked through the long line towards the stage and people stood up and clapped their hands and were greeting us. Our teachers, local political leaders, upper-level government employees and renowned persons of the locality were also present there. The program lasted for 2/3 hours and we got many gifts and bouquets as well.

  • Prestigious (Adjective): admired as one of the best and most important
  • Broadcast (Verb): to send out radio or television programmes
  • Guardian (Noun): someone who is legally responsible for looking after someone else’s child, especially after the child’s parents have died
  • Incomparable (Adjective): extremely good, beautiful etc, and much better than others
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