Nascent – Word Of The Day For IELTS

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word of the day - nascent

Nascent – Word Of The Day For IELTS Speaking And Writing

Nascent  /ˈnæsənt/ (Adjective) 


(formal) coming into existence or starting to develop


Growing, Fledgling, Burgeoning


  • Nouns: Nascent science/ ability/ industry


  • This is not to dismiss his vision as an irrelevance in the forging of a nascent science
  • The tribute may sound fulsome, but Jack showed exceptional appreciation of nascent ability.
  • We hope their nascent industry would lead to a new era of renewable energy.


Try to use this word “nascent” in your speech

Describe a new invention that impressed you a lot

You should say:

  • How you knew it
  • What the invention was
  • How it applied in real life
  • And explain why it impressed you a lot

Sample Answer:

Today I will talk with you about a new invention that extremely astonished me. I read a related article while I was surfing the Internet. It was about a ring called Nimb which was designed to be a quick, subtle way to send your location to anyone from friends to emergency personnel to alert them that you’re in a dangerous situation.

Nimb was cofounded by Kathy Roma, who now serves as the company’s communications director. Roma got the idea for Nimb due to an event in her past: She was violently attacked walking down the street, an experience that left her with several scars on her upper body. Then, she came up with the idea how to invent a regular jewellery but it is secretly a connected device for emergency situations. That is the foundation reason for the existence of Nimb. The ring contains Bluetooth technology and can be paired with both iOS and Android phones that can set up an “alert card” with your basic information, a photo, and a map of your location. You can also receive notifications when someone else is in trouble, pre-set your “safety list” and join other communities of users, and message with those on your list if you’re in trouble.

It is an amazing device. You know, nowadays, in the booming chaotic world with the increasing global terrorism, anyone whose been in an unsafe situation knows the feeling: the creeping sensation of dread and the worry that you won’t be able to get help fast enough, should you need it. Therefore, I think the nascent invention will be an indispensable gadget for every citizen in a future.

  • Astonish (verb): to surprise someone very much
  • Subtle (adjective): not easy to notice or understand unless you pay careful attention
  • Cofound (verb): to start something such as a company, organisation with someone
  • Come up with (phrasal verb):  to suggest or think of an idea or plan
  • Indispensable (adjective): someone or something that is indispensable is so important or useful that it is impossible to manage without them

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