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Marketing and Advertising

(d) Change the form of the word in square brackets so that it correctly fits the gap in each case.

 The 1. ___________ [rate] are down slightly on this time last year, but then that may be explained by a general downward trend in numbers tuning in. Our key 2. ___________ [demography] remains middle-aged men, who account for almost 75% of our 3. ___________ [viewer]. There has been some success in 4. ___________ [penetrate] new markets, and the show is now on terrestrial television in over 20 different countries, as well as 5. ___________ [subscribe] satellite channels in another 5. ___________  As for the offshoot 6. ___________ [merchant], it is selling well in shops, helped in no small way by the deliberate 7. ___________ [place] of products in scenes in each episode of the show.

(e) Select one word from the box to fit in each gap in sentences 1-14.

cash cow         target market               agency             buzzword        press

circulation       trade magazine            soundbites       tabloid             infomercial

pitch                direct mail                   market share    spot                 spread

  1. The latest edition of the magazine is already in ____________ .
  2. The IPad has become a(n) ____________ for Apple, bringing in a steady stream of revenue.
  3. Know your ____________ – who is this product for? There is no point taking our planning of the campaign any further be fore you have established at least this.
  4. It’s a(n) ____________ in which you’ll find articles and advertisements related to civil engineering.
  5. We receive so much ____________ from these ad agencies it’s ridiculous. Do they really expect us to read any of this unsolicited nonsense that comes through our letterbox?
  6. Your ____________was relatively effective; you spoke clearly and got your message across well, and, personally, I found your argument rather convincing.
  7. All I’ve been hearing on the radio this morning is ____________ from political statements made by the candidates; I can’t wait until this election is over.
  8. Your____________ is still growing, but I think you must be realistic and expect the rate of growth to slacken some over the next quarter.
  9. I’m managed by a different ____________ than before but Knowles Vance still looks after my RR.
  10. ‘Diversity’ is the new ____________ in education.
  11. We’ve taken out an advertisement in the Daily Times – a full two-page ____________.
  12. That’s pure ____________ journalism; sensationalising a story into a problem which doesn’t really exist.
  13. Refer all inquiries to our ____________ office; this is now a damage-limitation exercise and we need to be careful what we say.
  14. That last ad was more like a(n) ____________ ; it must have lasted at least three minutes; I thought there was a 30-second limit per ____________.

In the News

(a) Match the words/phrases in Column A with their collocates in Column B.

Column A Answer Column B
(a) independent

(b) investigative

(c) in-depth

(d) rolling

(e) eyewitness

(f) headline

(g) first

(h) broadsheet

(i) terrestrial

(j) editorial

(k) journalistic

  (i) edition

(ii) media

(iii) journalism

(iv) news

(v) news

(vi) coverage

(vii) reports

(viii) newspapers

(ix) bias

(x) privilege

(xi) television

(b) Which of the above collocations means:

  1. a reporter’s right to refuse to divulge his source
  2. constant updates on happenings in the world
  3. when the opinion of the person in charge creeps into articles
  4. broadcasting which does not involve satellite transmissions

(c) Select a verb from the box to fill each gap and change the tense/form of the word if necessary

interrupt          make                issue X 3         go                    cause               stream

lead                cross                withdraw         round               spoof               protect

launch             chase               verify               anchor             cut X 2                        break

  1. They were forced to _______________ the transmission when the presenter started making disparaging comments about his guest; it was clear that the former was inebriated.
  2. They were forced to _______________ the accusation and ___________ a full apology live on air.
  3. He _______________ a rebuttal of the accusation and denied any personal involvement with the mafia boss.
  4. The press release was _______________ at approximately 12:00 p.m., about half an hour before she was taken into custody by police.
  5. The BBC journalist who_______________ the story is _______________ his source and refusing to be drawn into conversation on how he came about the facts of the case. Meanwhile, leaders around the world are still trying to absorb this shocking news and decide how to respond.
  6. They _______________ a live broadcast of the programme on the internet for online users to follow.
  7. They _______________ to a commercial break midway through the report when someone realised that they had been _______________ .
  8. The story _______________ a sensation when it broke, but all parties implicated issued immediate denials of their involvement in the cover-up.
  9. He _______________ the show for a record 30 years before retiring last may.
  10. There now follows a _______________ -up of all the local news in your area.
  11. The broadcast _______________ out live to an audience of over 170 million people.
  12. The substance of the story was carefully _______________ prior to its release.
  13. He has been _______________ this lead for some time now, but, alas, I think it has finally come to a dead end.
  14. The news channel was _______________ amid much fanfare in Spring.
  15. We are going to _______________ over live now to our reporter on the ground in Zimbabwe.
  16. The Six O’Clock News _______________ with the story about the man who had faked his own death as part of a £200-million insurance scam.
  17. Her engagement actually _______________ the headlines in what can only have been described as a very slow day for news.
  18. We _______________ this broadcast to bring you some breaking news.


Marketing and Advertising


1 ratings 2. demographics 3. viewers(hip) 4. penetrating

5 subscription 6. merchandise 7. placement


1 circulation 2. cash cow 3. target market 4. trade magazine

5 direct mail 6. pitch 7. soundbites 8. market share

9 agency 10. buzzword 11. spread 12. tabloid

13 press 14. infomercial/spot

In the news


a ii       b. iii                 c. vi     d. iv / v

e vii     f. iv / v             g. i       h. viii

i xi       j. ix      k. x


  1. journalistic privilege
  2. rolling news
  3. editorial bias
  4. terrestrial television


1 cut 2. withdraw/issue 3. issued 4. issued

5 broke/protecting 6. streamed 7. cut/spoofed 8. caused

9 anchored 10. round 11. went 12. verified 13. chasing

14 launched 15. cross 16. lead 17. made 18. interrupt

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