Advantage and Disadvantage Essays – Samples, Model, Essay and Topics

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Advantage and Disadvantage Essays – Samples, Model, Essay and Topics

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an advantage/disadvantage essay? How do you identify that the essay falls under this category?

They are essays which ask you to describe the advantages and disadvantages of a given topic. The words “advantages and disadvantages” will be a specifically mentioned in the question. Sometimes they may be synonyms such as “benefits and drawbacks”.

What is the structure of an advantage/disadvantage essay?

Introduction Body paragraph 1 – Advantages Body paragraph 2 – Disadvantages Conclusion

Is it mandatory to put advantages and disadvantages separately in two paragraphs or can I club them?

No. You cannot club them. You have to follow the structure. The examiner will look for the logical organisation of the paragraphs.

In case of questions where advantages outweigh disadvantages, I might have to write disadvantages first? Will it affect my score?

You can choose any order you want. But make sure you don’t write both (advantages and disadvantages) in one paragraph.

In the conclusion part of the advantage/disadvantage essay, is it ok to support one side?

Yes, but it is not necessary.

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