IELTS Writing Task 2 Advantage/Disadvantage Essay Topic: Young people are encouraged to work or travel for a year between finishing high school

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IELTS Writing Task 2 Advantage/Disadvantage Essay Topic: Young people are encouraged to work or travel for a year between finishing high school

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Courtney Miller

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Posted on Aug 14, 2021

In certain parts of the world, high school graduates are encouraged to take a gap year before commencing tertiary education. This essay is going to explore the benefits and drawbacks of this.

Taking a gap year to work or travel has great benefits to youngsters. By working, they can gain valuable working experience which can help them in their job applications in the future. For example, a business major can better understand business principles if he has previous experience working as an assistant to the secretary. Taking a year off to travel before going to college can help one learn important life skills by living independently. For example, during my one year stay in London, I developed the habit of saving and spending wisely. Therefore it is obvious that a gap year benefits the youngsters.

However, there are drawbacks to young people working or travelling for a year before enrolling in a tertiary institution. To begin with, a year is a long time to stay off school work. If the tempo of studying and going to school is lost, one might find it difficult to cope in college. For instance, my friend who took a six month break before going to college found it a little bit hard to study which affected his grades. Furthermore, youngsters might be demotivated to go back to school once they start earning money because they believe that earning money is more important. According to a study conducted by researchers in University of Braham, it was revealed that about 30% of high school graduates who took a year off to work before starting college decided to continue working rather than getting a degree. Therefore, it is obvious that this trend of staying off school work for a year before applying to a tertiary education has its own drawbacks.

To conclude, although there are benefits working or travelling for one year before enrolling in a college, the drawbacks cannot be overlooked.


Janice Thompson

Janice Thompson

Posted on Aug 20, 2021

Overall band: 6.0

Grammatical Range: Work on articles and prepositions.

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