Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic: Architecture & History – Sample Essay

Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic Architecture & History Sample Essay

IELTS Writing Task 2

Many old buildings protected by law are part of a nation’s history. Some people think they should be knocked down and replaced by new ones. Do you agree or disagree?



Old buildings :

–         The reservoir of glorious past of a nation

–         Derelicts and run-down houses : nightmares to people

–         Symbolic of the unique architecture: panacea for modern people


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New buildings :

–         Accommodate more people for a better life

–         Attract more investors because of good infrastructure

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Ancient buildings are relics of the past and should be preserved, in the view of some people. Others, however, believe that the appearance of modern buildings will open a new horizon for the development of a nation. My essay will discuss the validity of both sides.

The ancient houses are, first, believed to the reservoir of the glorious past of a nation. With their existence along each road, it is undeniable that no sooner does young generation grow up than they become proud of their country’s admirable old-day history through the image of roof, ceiling and walls. Philosophically speaking, like a person who clings to the past to reflect, views the present to enjoy and contemplates the future, a city itself entails an inextricable link of these three-time axes to revise, thrive and fly. Nevertheless, in case of derelict old houses, such experience of living in these shelters could be a nightmare to quite a few people, for instance, Hanoi people who are suffering a low-quality life in an ancient street. It is a common-scene to some that three to four households have only one toilet system with their wall painting layers bound to peel off and their ceilings sagging owing to weathering.

Another rationale is that these old houses are symbolic of the unique architecture and serve as a mental panacea for hurry-sickness city-dwellers. Hardly can the modern-day people recreate such beauties as that by famous architects of yesterdays who utilized the past materials, and for that reason, some streets adorned with second-to-none buildings are ideal destinations for the visitors world-wide to savour themselves in the sense of serene old days. To those who are sucking in a life of craze, the tiny old houses resemble oases to ease their stress. Opponents have their points in the belief that as a result of the explosion of population, so crowded do streets turn out that these old, unsafe and dirty houses should be demolished to give way to skyscrapers to accommodate an ever-increasing number of people who flock to the city in the hope of a better life. Also, not until the cities are paved with modern buildings and wide roads do investors from other continents pay greater attention, which, in turn, generates a huge amount of profit for the entire nation.

In the final analysis, each idea has its own reasoning, but in my opinion, the presence of old houses is essential to the survival of any city for their originality and unforgettable destinations of travel lovers.

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  • 40. Many old buildings protected by law are part of a nation’s history. Some people think they should be knocked down and replaced by news ones.
    Most nations around the world have many ancient buildings in their cities or surrounding areas. In my opinion, these building should be maintaining, but this does not mean progress should stop.

    On the one hand, there are many benefits to nation while preserving the old buildings. First and foremost advantage is that, their inhabitants, especially children get the knowledge of their past history and can explore the lifestyle of ancient people’s. Take an example of central Sikh museum in Punjab, where visitors can see the ancient coins, clothes and some videos related to past living style of Sikhs, and can apply these things in their life to preserve the history of their former people’s. Second profit of keeping these buildings is that, many of these buildings provides income to a country as many tourists visit them in great numbers. Finally, these buildings are very beautiful and architecture can copy the style of these buildings and can build a new one. A great example of this is the Anandpur sahib city of Punjab, where every house is renovated in classic buildings to represent the culture and heritage of this city.

    On the other hand, advocates of destroying the former buildings also have some great viewpoints. The most obvious point is that, by demolishing these buildings, the government have more space to fulfill the need of the growing population. In other words, by replacing old buildings, there will be more space for housing, which is especially important due to the current problem of overcrowding. Another viewpoint in this regard is that, people believe that if these building utilize for modern work or some other purposes then there will be more profit along with attracting tourists. A well worth example of this is Baring Union Christian College, which is old building but used as an education institute. As a result, inhabitant of this country can get their education and tourist get pleasure from the same building.

    In conclusion, it’s seem to me that the presence of old building is crucial to the survival of any city for their originality and unforgettable destination for travel lovers.

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