IELTS Writing Task 2 Essay Topics and Questions 2020

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For completing both the IELTS Writing tests, task 1 and task 2, you’ll not be given more than an hour. For task 1, you’ll be required to write a minimum of 150 words while for task 2 a minimum of 250 words. And since task 2 has a higher score weightage compared to task 1, it’ll be best not to spend more than 20 minutes for the latter so that you can have enough time in hand to complete task 2. The marking for the writing tests will be done on factors including vocabulary, grammar, number of words used, and so on. 

For writing task 2, the examiner will give you a topic for which you’ll have to write an essay about, in at least 250 words. So to help you prepare for this, below are the types of essays along with some of the writing task 2 essay topics you could use to practice on.

Types of Essays

There are different types of essays that could be given to you. The different types, along with example topics are mentioned below

1. Opinion Essay

An opinion essay is an essay in which you have to explain the topic based on the opinion that you have regarding that topic.

  1. Press
  2. Internet
  3. News Media
  4. Career
  5. Environmental Protection
  6. Travel and tourism
  7. Transportation
  8. TV or Radio
  9. Communication technology
  10. Living in Campus
  11. Government
  12. Education
  13. Language
  14. Illness and Disease
  15. Inventions
  16. Mobile phone
  17. Architecture and History
  18. Digital Communication
  19. Economic Development
  20. Food and Transport
  21. Sports
  22. Television and Children

2. Discussion Essay

In a discussion essay, you’ll have to discuss for and against the given topic.

  1. Global issues
  2. Ageing population
  3. Dangerous Sports
  4. International Car-free days
  5. Education and Career
  6. People and community
  7. Health
  8. Newspapers
  9. Economic growth

3. Advantage or Disadvantage Essay

For this type of essay, you have to write about the positive and negative aspects of the given topic.

  1. Technology
  2. Living in big cities
  3. Youth and Community
  4. Traffic and Accommodation
  5. Gap Year
  6. Remote Environment

4. Solution Essay

In solution essays, the topic will be a problem and you’ll have to give a solution to the particular issue. Sometimes the question may also be posed as to why this particular issue happened, and you’ll have to present your opinions based on the issue.

  1. Families
  2. Traffic
  3. Environment
  4. People and Society
  5. Tourism
  6. Energy Resources

5. Direct Question Essay

For this type of essay, the topic will be a question for which you’ll have to answer based on your thoughts and experiences.

  1. Art and Technology
  2. Children
  3. Freedom of Speech


Is the essay structure based on the essay topic (Eg: Education) or essay type (Eg: Opinion essay)?

They are based on the essay type.

What should I do to write an effective essay?

The topics will be based on simple day-to-day life activities like news, sports, environment, traffic etc. Reading English newspapers daily and watching English news will help a great deal in writing a good essay. You can also use practice tests.

I fear to give my opinion on controversial issues? How do I deal with this?

IELTS does not give controversial topics (Generally). But you need not fear to give an opinion. Your language matters and not your choice of opinion.

Will you be marked for the subject? What if I try to present great ideas with weak grammar?

You are marked for organisation of paragraphs, logical flow of thoughts, grammar and collocations. Great ideas with poor grammar will definitely lead to poor scores.

How will the words be counted in IELTS exam ?

Some examples on how words are counted :
1. Aren’t – This will be counted as one word though it represents two words “Are not”.
2. day-to-day – This will be counted as one word.

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