In Some Countries, a Few People Earn Extremely High Salaries – IELTS Writing Task 2

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In Some Countries, a Few People Earn Extremely High Salaries – IELTS Writing Task 2

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Janice Thompson

Janice Thompson

Soon after graduating with a Master’s in Literature from Southern Arkansas University, she joined an institute as an English language trainer. She has had innumerous student interactions and has produced a couple of research papers on English language teaching. She soon found that non-native speakers struggled to meet the English language requirements set by foreign universities. It was when she decided to jump ship into IELTS training. From then on, she has been mentoring IELTS aspirants. She joined IELTSMaterial about a year ago, and her contributions have been exceptional. Her essay ideas and vocabulary have taken many students to a band 9.

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Posted on Mar 20, 2022

Salary difference is a common phenomenon in every country. Some people consider it as reasonable, while others argue that the government should take action to reduce the imbalance. In my opinion, some policies are necessary for the well-being of most people.

The income imparity at a medium level is appropriate. On the one hand, some dangerous but indispensable occupations like soldiers or firefighters need a method to attract more candidates, and setting a high salary is the most efficient. Also some jobs like management and medical treatment require advanced skills and long work experience, so people in these positions took lots of effort on training and learning, thus they deserve higher salaries. On the other hand, higher income is a reward mechanism. It stimulates workers to actively improve their work. The usage of KPI as an income factor in many companies proves this argument.

However, extreme income imbalance ruins the whole country. First of all, it is undoubted that many people would suffer from low income if only a few people make lots of money. Lower class can’t save enough money for the tuition fee, so they don’t have an opportunity to compete for jobs that require higher education. Besides, they can’t pay for the mortgage so they have to rent a home. These issues limit their ability to seek higher salaries and strengthen social unfairness. In the worst case, the poor do not have enough income to survive, which leads to more riots and crimes.

In conclusion, I agree that the government should control salaries by setting proper income tax or low income cut-off. These policies not only restrict rich people to earn more, but also provide some funds for the government to help the weak.




Posted on Mar 21, 2022

Band Score – 5

Concentrate on the correct usage of articles and punctuation.
Pay attention to spellings and sentence formation.
Use C2 level of words.

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