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IELTS Writing Answer Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I write where ” do not write below this line” is given?

No. It is not permissible. You should write only in the space allotted.

Why should I waste time by practising on the answer sheet?

If you don’t spend time practising now, you may be wasting time in the exam, when you can actually use it for priority tasks. You may be at a loss to know where to write a particular information.

What are the advantages of practising in the answer sheet?

You will get to know how many lines fit into a single answer sheet so that you do not have to sit and count the words in the actual exam. You will know when you have reached the expected word count in the actual exam.

Can I use both sides of a page in the answer sheet?

Yes. You can write on both sides of the pages in the given answer sheet.

Can I leave empty lines between paragraphs, because I think it will be more readable?

It will be readable otherwise too. By leaving empty lines, you will leave the examiner guessing what the empty lines are for!

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Janet had been an IELTS Trainer before she dived into the field of Content Writing. During her days of being a Trainer, Janet had written essays and sample answers which got her students an 8+ band in the IELTS Test. Her contributions to our articles have been engaging and simple to help the students understand and grasp the information with ease. Janet, born and brought up in California, had no idea about the IELTS until she moved to study in Canada. Her peers leaned to her for help as her first language was English.

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