Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic: Education & Sample Essay

Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic Education & Sample Essay

IELTS Writing Task 2

Some people think that teachers should be responsible for teaching students to judge what is right and wrong so that they can behave well. Others say that teachers should only teach students academic subjects. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Sample Answer

The task of educating children to become useful people is far from easy, especially when parents and education desire for a comprehensive education for them. Some people believe that to be specialized in each educational task , school should be exclusively responsible for arming children with academic knowledge to be ready for job market while others hold onto the idea that moral teaching is also the mission of school. Each idea has its own validity.

It is the first argued that academic teaching is the main duty of schools while teaching children to behave well is the job of parents. It is by dint of dividing clear responsibilities for both parents and schools that teachers feel less burdened to focus on their specialized task that is to equip children with necessary knowledge to become confident in dealing with challenges in workplaces. Parents, in the meantime, who stay by theirs children’s side, from the childhood to adulthood, can understand them more than ever. For that reason, their guidance to follow social moral codes to make sure their kids get along with others is sensible. Others, however (Signpost to change to the second idea), point out the fact that so busy are parents with their own career pursuit that some of them make light of inculcating proper codes of behavior in their children whereas some of them are factually not yet good examples for their kids to learn. How could parents who are drunkards or gamblers be fully qualified for teaching their children to behave ethically? Nowhere can kids find their orientation in their behavior more effectively in their teachers’ advice and instructions at school.

Another reason, nevertheless, in support of the former idea is that moral teaching is the subject children should be imbued through their practical experience in the later life. What their teachers impart about morality at school is sometimes theoretical and proves burdensome for them who are already exhausted in the completion of homework at school. (Signpost to change to the second idea) Yet no sooner do kids graduate from their schools than they begin to undergo extreme depression when faced that fact they can hardly find themselves at ease with other people from all walks of life despite their wealth of knowledge. The truth is to achieve the common goal, there needs more than academic knowledge itself, but rather teamwork, leadership and others which they would be unfortunately deprived of this policy ran into reality. At the same time, to lessen the curriculum overload in all these subjects, teachers can flexibly mix moral and academic teaching. For instance, through the lessons on literature, moral behavior can be highlighted, and by that way, kids can deeply remember and naturally absorb moral behavior.

All in all, each view has its own reason, and my belief is that the harmonious combination of these subjects might be the best choice.

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  • My answer for the same topic. please access it. thnks
    People have different opinions regarding teacher roles. Some of them believe that teacher should teach students about moral values along with other subjects, while others support only academic lectures should be given by tutor. In my opinion, combination of both subjects is the best choice to teach.

    On the one hand, several reasons exist that teachers should focus mainly on their primary subjects. First and foremost, the most important things for children that helps them in future come from learning books. Take an example of math and science subjects, there is a huge job opportunities for those who have the information of these subjects. Thus, the main role of educators equipped children with these skills. Second cause of this thinking is that, people believe that parents normally spend more time with their offspring’s and understand them more closely than any other person, therefore they can provide the necessary information about ethical behavior by assigning multiple tasks to them. Finally, providing moral principles is not a school business, parents should be focus on that.

    On the other hand, I believe that teachers should contribute somewhat to a student’s moral education. The most obvious point of in this regard is that, teachers nowadays spend much more time with kids than their parents, because kids’ parents have their jobs too and after they return to home from work, they don’t have much time to give it to their children. Another positive viewpoint is that, educators can make the groups of many children and can efficiently impart life-skills to many individuals at the same time. This is to say that, badly behaved kids also become good one after participating in groups when they have intelligent children in their group.

    In conclusion, It’s seem to me that teachers don’t restrict themselves to academic instructions, but also try to impart knowledge to children about their personal behavior.

    • Hi,
      Please find below some feedback and comment on your essay:
       Grammar: It’s seem ==> it seems, that helps ==> that help, the main role of educators equipped children with ==> the main role of educators is to equip children with
       Some problems with usage of vocabulary ( those who have the information of these subjects ==> those who acquire sound knowledge of these subjects, etc)
      From my perspective, your essay is around band 6.0. You shoud work on your grammar, vocabulary, and cohesion & coherence.

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