Useful Structures to help you Get Band 7.5+ in IELTS Writing

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Useful Structures to help you Get Band 7.5+ in IELTS Writing
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most common misunderstanding of a test taker when writing complex phrases in IELTS Writing?

The test-taker has to write complex sentences wherever applicable in the IELTS Writing test. However, the test-takers are deluded that the more complex sentences they write, the better 'Band Score' they would get. As a result, they lose their scores as they attempt to write forceful and incorrect structures.

Why is it important to write complex sentences in IELTS Writing?

A complex sentence combines two or more subjects + verbs and is a key to achieving a high score for grammatical range and accuracy. Thus, a complex sentence written correctly sounds better and makes the paragraph look better and more cohesive. Writing complex sentences, when appropriate, is an art form that adds complexity and depth to a writer's style.

Give some examples of complex sentences

There are many ways to write complex sentences. These sentences can be compound or conditional, relative, or subordinate clauses. Some of the examples are: Compound Sentence: Smoking causes cancer, yet some people are addicted to smoking, Relative Clause: Kim thanked the older man who helped her from the chain snatchers, Subordinate Sentence: The University has planned to conduct online exams due to the prevailing pandemic, and Conditional Sentence: I wouldn't have moved to Canada if I'd have acquired a high package job in India

Define S+V+O.

S+V+O stands for Subject, Verb, and Object, which are the main components of a sentence. The subject is usually a noun (a person, place, or thing's name), and the verb normally comes after the subject. It specifies an action or a state of being, and the object is an element of the sentence that is acted on that the verb is directed at

Mention some tips on complex sentences for IELTS writing?

IELTS complex sentences do not have to be lengthy and elaborate. The most crucial element in the IELTS Writing test is comprehending and using grammatical structures correctly. Consider the concepts in simple sentences and logically combine them to form compound and complicated statements. Furthermore, the test-taker should not memorize complex sentence patterns without first comprehending how they are used in Writing tasks

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