How to Write an Introduction in IELTS Writing – 3 Useful Tips

How to Write an Introduction in IELTS Writing - 3 Useful Tips

This article will furnish you with 3 useful tips to write an excellent introduction for the IELTS Writing test.

One of the most effective ways to write an introduction is paraphrasing keywords  to change topic into new one.

Keywords are the words related to the writing topic, and throughout the article we have to repeat these keywords again and again. Of course, every IELTS learner knows not to repeat identically but must paraphrase these keywords.

However, when referring to the keywords, you must find ways to paraphrase keywords and back to think, you will lose time. Your mind might sometimes goes blank and you sometimes cannot come up with any replaced words and you would lose your head. Then, a little trick to save time is : Write down the keywords and paraphrasing ways for them before starting to write your essay, then while writing, whenever you have to repeat the keywords, just look up and select from vocabularies above.

Take the topic below as a prime example:

As well as making money, businesses also have social responsibilities. Do you agree or disagree?

Based on this subject, I have identified 3 keywords : “making money”, “ businesses”  and “social responsibilities” needed to be repeated several times in Task 2. So, before you write, you should create a list of synonyms or related words to paraphrase them as follows:

Making money = increase income = increase revenue = generate/make profit

Businesses = enterprises = corporations = companies = firms

Social responsibilities = guarantee their responsibilities in society = be responsible = take over social responsibilities = socially responsible manner

Once you get a list above, while writing, you can quickly look up and select a phrase in the list. This will help you save time without being interrupted to think

For each keywords you need 2 -3 paraphrase ways, each of which can be repeated 2-3 times, don’t need  too many

In case your vocabulary is not good enough to paraphrase effectively , there will be several easy tips for you without wasting time.

  1. Using synonyms :

For example : It can be difficult to choose a suitable course for students straight after school .

Paraphrase :

Difficult = hard = challenging

Choose = select = pick up

Suitable course = appropriate course = available course

  1. Changing word forms:

Difficult to choose = difficult choice  = hard choice

Be responsible = hold/take responsibility for

  1. Using “It is”: is one of the best online studying IELTS recently

–> It is said that is one of the best online studying IELTS recently

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