IELTS Table Chart

ielts table chart

Describing the table in IELTS is the same as describing the chart or a bar graph. Even in the table chart, you need to compare and contrast the data that is given. Changing tone and language in every sentence.that you write. So that it sounds unique while writing.

Describing a Table

There are different ways in which you can describe a table. Some of the ways are listed below:

Summarizing the Table

In order to describe the table, you should write a summary of the table, which includes whether the question is in the past, present or the future and based on the particular tense the answer also should be written. Along with that you are also supposed to make the list of vocabularies which will help you to explain the question effectively.

Dividing the data

You can divide the data into different sections so that it is easy for you to explain and also to understand. You can also find out the data which is unique and stands out from the group of data given.

Clearly state your point

The way you structure your answer is very important because it shows the way you can explain things, you can structure answer in your own way as suitable by the way you explain. One way to explain the given data is to divide the main features into a different paragraph. So that you will be able to clearly state your point about each main feature.

Compare and Contrast data with exceptions

Whenever you explain there will be 2 paragraphs to explain the main features of the data given. In the first paragraph, you can compare the data that is given. In the second paragraph, you can talk in-depth or talk in detail about the data given. And as a conclusion, you can write a detailed summary of everything including some exceptional data that is included.

Tips for writing the table graph

Here are some of the tips on how you can write the table graph that is given in the IELTS examination:

  • The test takers are asked to include all the main features in the overview paragraph while writing the test. You need to keep in mind that you have to write multiple main features, in order to score a high band.
  • Divide the points you are going to explain in different paragraphs. So it is easy for you also to explain, as well as readable for the examiner also to give good marks.
  • You don’t have to give all the details included in the graph, Just give the main features which are available and explain it properly so that it is effective.
  • Do not include all the details, select some details to put in the graph so that you will find easy to explain and also your explanation looks clear for the examiner.
  • It is mandatory that you write 150 words or else you be penalized. And also you can keep in mind that the explanation that you have given should not exceed more than 200 words.
  • You can use some linking words while explaining your data. So that your explanation looks more professional and also you can complete 150 words content quickly. But, make sure that the linking words must be used only where it is necessary and not everywhere.
  • When you write the explanation try not to repeat the sentence which is already used again and again.
  • Some times the words may be repeated, if you have the skill of paraphrasing the question, you can show it in the answer sheet.

Testing Criteria

There are some criteria on which the explanation of your table is tested. We can see the below points and know on what criteria the table is being tested:

  • Based on how precisely you can describe the data that is mentioned on the table.
  • Based on how well you can compare and contrast the data that is given.
  • In the table, as you know you have to explain what is mentioned and not giving your own opinion on how well that is followed is tested.
  • How well you use the tone of language in every situation is also measured.

Guidelines to write a good answer

There are few guidelines to be followed to write a good answer for the table question if you follow the below guidelines you will be able to get the good marks:

The explanation should have a proper structure

The explanation given should be in a proper structure including the introduction, the body paragraph as well as the suitable conclusion. It is good if the explanation also has connective words. So that you can finish your 150 words essay quickly and also it is cohesive.

The explanation should have suitable grammar and vocabulary

You should make sure that the sentences used in the explanation are not similar and not repetitive. They should be unique and also the vocabulary used in each of the sentences should appropriate.

The explanation should meet the requirements of the task given

The explanation should be compulsory of 150 words and not less than that or else the test taker may be penalized, the main features of the whole graph should be highlighted and explained appropriately, and the important trends on the table must be focused or highlighted appropriately.

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